10 things I Would Go Back and Tell My Younger Self

1. You’re not as smart as you think you are. Stay humble, question & research. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

2. Don’t look for the right woman, build the right man. Trust me on this one.

3. Read daily. Never stop learning.

4. Accept failure as one of the most powerful learning tools in your life; take risks. You’re going to fail many times. It’s okay. Keep going.

5. Fear is a liar and a thief; stop hanging out with IT like it’s your companion.

6. Don’t try to be like everyone else; you were uniquely designed. Have the courage to be bold and different.

7. You’re an artist. Writing IS a career, but more importantly it’s your passion. Write daily. Don’t do it for money. Do it because you love it.

8. Debt is a long, dark, steep road. Stay clear. It’s not worth it.

9. Forgive others, quickly and often.

10. Give without expecting anything in return regardless of income, status, or bills. Neither life nor success is all about money. You will learn true wealth is needing as little as possible from this world and still having a fulfilling life.What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

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