4 Yard Cleanup Tips To Clear The Mess

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Having a backyard is a blessing in itself. A lush green lawn where you can enjoy the changing seasons with your loved ones is something everyone favors. Keeping your backyard clean will keep it safe for your family while also making it more appealing and healthy.

It will take considerable time and effort to fix an overgrown backyard, depending on the size and amount of waste and debris in it, but the end product will always be advantageous.

Here are some tips to get your backyard in shape again:

1. Clear The Tall Grass

First, to begin with, is cutting all the tall grass and small weeds because they can be a home to weeds. You can use a line trimmer to make the process super easy for you. It does not matter if you do not have one, as there are ample options to either borrow or rent those.

Good quality line trimmers use electricity or gasoline, so you can see which one will work for your lawn. If you prefer going green, ask a goat breeder to bring his herd to clear the grass, which will get the job done in less than 24 hours. This method also works for yards that are on slopes.

2. Clear Out The Large Waste

After tending the grass and weeds, your next priority should be clearing out the debris and waste. Remove rocks, boulders, tree branches, twigs, trash cans, empty plastic bottles, trash, and any other junk.

Instead of working haphazard, start from one corner of your yard, and move gradually towards the other. Move the debris and trash using a wheelbarrow. Arrange it into three piles; one pile for compost, one for recycling, and the other for garbage disposal.

Pack your trash and recyclable items in separate bags and save them until your garbage collector comes. You can securely store them under your garden shed. You can use the rocks to mark a border for your new landscape.

3. Trim The Shrubs And Overgrown Trees

Your next step should be trimming the overgrown shrubs and trees. Larger branches will need electric chainsaws, while you can cut the smaller branches with tree shears. For your overgrown hedges, you can use both shears and chainsaws.

After trimming the hedges and overgrown trees, use a rake to remove the debris and dead leaves from under them. You cannot miss this step as they will invite bacteria and mold, which could infest your yard.

4. Create A Compost Pile

With all the debris, dead leaves, twigs, branches, and sheared bushes, you can create rich soil to fertilize your garden by creating a compost pile. Mix all the ingredients and add water to make them moist.

You can add your yard waste to this compost pile every week. This is a very efficient way to eliminate organic waste and serves as an excellent fertilizer for your garden.

These were a few practical and straightforward steps to help clear out your yard quickly and easily. If all this cleaning of overgrown gardens is not your thing as you may not have ample time up your sleeves, or maybe you are in a rush or lack the necessary tools and skills needed to tackle the mess. Whatever the reason might be, you can look for professional help, as they know how to handle their job well.

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