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Managing property can be an enjoyable experience, you will get the chance to meet many new tenants as they come and go. You may even make new friends or have a favorite tenant here and there, but all tenants eventually leave. What do they leave behind when they go? An old refrigerator or TV? What about the smelly mattress and bedroom set they graciously left? Now you have to figure out how to get rid of all this junk. Don’t do it yourself, get help from a trusted junk hauling service

Should you hire a junk hauling service?

If you want to save time, money, and have a reliable company that will make your property management life easier, then yes. You already deal with the numerous complaints, questions, clean-ups, rent collecting and screening new tenants, where will you find the time to clean up behind someone’s mess? Call the junk hauling service, you will greatly benefit from having the extra help when you need it most.

Types of Property Clean-outs

Property management encompasses more than apartment complexes and tenants. Rental homes, vacation properties, foreclosures on mobile homes, if it can be rented for someone to live in, it must be managed by someone.

Some of the instances a property manager could use a junk hauling service include evictions, college student move-outs, abandoned storage spaces and foreclosures.

Eviction clean-outs

Evicting a person can be difficult. You may feel bad about it or it can turn into a heated debate which may leave you and the evicted tenant angry.

Regardless of whether or not you feel bad about it, evictions are sometimes necessary and for tenants who are forced to move, they might not have enough time to gather their belongings or they may be angry and trash the place.

In either circumstance, it can lead to left behind furniture, garbage, and much more. A junk hauling service would be helpful in clearing out the mess so you can get the place cleaned up. Now you have time to post that ad about a new listing instead of trying to find a truck big enough to rent so you can load it up to take the junk to a landfill yourself.

College Students

Having college students as tenants can be a good thing but not when they decide to leave behind the microwave that they tried to explode a beer in, or that water bed that everyone vomited on. The goodbye party they threw the night before leaving has left you stuck with the destroyed aftermath.

As you stand there surveying the damage you make a solemn vow to never rent to college students again and wonder how you are ever going to get rid of all this junk.

We can help answer that question, call us. A junk hauling service will clean all this quickly and efficiently while you start getting the details ready for the new vacancy.


Another very unpleasant situation is a home foreclosure. Often a home is foreclosed because the occupants can not afford the payment. When it’s time for them to leave they can only take what they can carry. Everything else is left behind.

A junk hauling service can come in and remove all the items. A good junk hauling service will then recycle, repurpose, reuse, and donate anything still in good condition. Nothing goes to waste.

Property management is not an easy job. To make it easier on you here are some of the services we offer:
• Yard Clean up
• Foreclosure Clean up
• Commercial Clean up
• Public Storage Space Clean up
• Hoarding Clean up
• Apartment/Rental Home Clean up
• Warehouse Clean up
• Estate Removal Clean up

If you are looking for help with your tenant move-out give us a call. We are here to help you.
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