6 Things To Do Before A New Tenant Moves In

Do you own a rental property? In a perfect world, moving in a new tenant would be a breeze. But sometimes, we are stuck with cleaning out the old tenant’s personal items, cleaning up messes left behind, and making repairs. The best way to avoid problems with tenants is to give them a clean, organized space to start with. Unfortunately, eviction rates are high, and it’s important to do the right thing. In this blog post, we share six, easy things you can do before a new tenant moves in!

1. Cover All Furniture With Sheets

The last thing you want is to have your new tenant come in and be disappointed with the condition of their living space. If a lot of clutter has accumulated, consider covering all furniture with sheets before moving in so that it’s not quite as overwhelming at first glance. Of course, it is best to get the old furniture out of the way before your new tenant sees their new home, but if that is not an option, covering the furniture will let the tenant know that this furniture will be out of the way.

2. Remove Any Personal Items Left Behind

If your old tenant was evicted or if they moved out quickly, chances are, they left some personal items behind. Grab moving boxes and label them “Owner” so the old tenant can come back to retrieve their items.

3. Vacuum and Clean All Flooring

No one wants to move into a home that is still dirty from the previous tenants, so be sure to clean the carpets and vacuum any dirty floors thoroughly. Cleaning the floors will be a good way for the new tenant to know that they are entering a clean living space.

4. Wash Windows

Cleaning the windows is a great way to make your rental feel open and fresh. A great window cleaning solution is vinegar and water. Mix one cup of each in a bucket, then wipe down the windows with newspaper dipped in the solution.

5. Dispose of Old Food

If the previous tenants left food in the fridge or pantry, then be sure to dispose of it and clean out any leftovers. This will not only make your rental space nice for the new tenant but also uphold a level of safety since there is always a risk that food could spoil in these spaces before being removed.

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