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Has the hot gone out of your hot tub?

Now it is sitting empty in your yard collecting rainwater and becoming a haven for mosquitoes, frogs, spiders, and other potentially unwanted visitors.

What are the best measures to take once there is a hot tub that friends or family can no longer enjoy?

Moving a hot tub often takes more than one person, and if someone is able to find the help to move it, where are the best places to have it relocated, disposed or recycled?

Hot tub removal is best done by professionals who have experience and a team capable of moving large items with a plan for repurposing, recycling and/or disposal. Professional junk removal and moving companies are knowledgeable, licensed, and trained on how to take to disassemble, move and haul away small to large items.

Homeowners find it is worth the time savings and investment to have a hot tub removal performed by a professional removal service company. Most hot tub removal services are priced by the size of the item and how difficult it is to move it. At 911 Junk Out located in Burke, Virginia, serving Washington DC, Alexandria VA, Springfield VA, Fairfax VA (along with surrounding areas), hot tub removal and other junk removal services are made simple by text, call or booking online Simply fill out the online contact form on the website and upload a picture of all that needs to be removed.


Here at 911 Junk Out, we are committed to assist our clients in Virginia and Washington DC get rid of unwanted items while serving our communities and preserving the planet by repurposing all we can.”

— Jonathan Mendoza


Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service

The average hot tub weighs more than 500 pounds. It will take a team and some muscle to properly navigate it out to the back and/or front yard and load it into a truck. It is important to hire a licensed and insured team to protect and properly haul off all items simply and safely.

The dedicated and experienced team at 911 Junk Out are trained with proper lifting techniques and maneuvering hot tubs on a monthly basis, so there is no damage or injury. The team of hard workers know to avoid shrubbery, trees, gutters and other items during the removal process.

In some instances, the hot tub will have to be disassembled or even cut apart with the appropriate tools. As professionals, 911 Junk Out knows exactly how to dismantle the hot tub with the right tools and safety procedures.

Here is what you can do if you would like to ensure that the hot tub is ready for prompt removal. If any of these steps are missed, the staff at 911 Junk Out is happy to assist upon arrival to prepare to remove the hot tub.

1. Unplug the hot tub from the power source.
2. Ensure the water is completely drained.
3. Disassemble the spa parts like pumps and heaters if you are confident in your mechanical skills.
4. Clear an open pathway that will allow easy access to bring the hot tub to the transportation truck.

Please note: We can take the hot tub cover and donate it, or if it is in good condition, you may wish to sell it.

Do I Need to Get Rid of The Hot Tub?

When you and your family have invested a good amount in a hot tub and made lasting memories, it can be difficult to let it go. It is important to consider the cost of fixing it; aged hot tubs often lack inventory on replacement parts.

A broken or unused hot tub will often take on different roles. Hot tubs become unexpected homes to rodents, snakes and insects. Hot tubs left abandoned and unused can also be dangerous. It is important to note to never to let water sit for an extended period of time in a broken hot tub. Algae and bacteria build up inside can cause serious sickness and an unhealthy environment.

911 Junk Out is the go-to solution for all of your hot tub and junk removal needs. The company is highly rated and a long-time local, family-owned business in Virginia. Repeat customers are at the heart of the success of the company as they treat each job with safety, integrity, and a few winning smiles.

Give 911 Junk Out a call and ask for the owner, Jonathan Mendoza; he would love to hear from you to discuss your project. Jonathan and his team can be reached via call or text at 703-474-1271 or go online to book your next service job today

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