Beauty from Ashes: The Bella Vista Story

Beauty from Ashes is the story of two of the most beautiful people I have had the privilege to get to know over the years, Bob and Kathleen Ash, The Ashes. Kathleen, a mother, wife, and visionary, with the help of her husband Bob, built one of the most incredible Inns in Northern California, Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast.

The Ashes have been self-starters, entrepreneurs in the making since they were young. After college, Bob served in law enforcement and has worked most of his career as a contractor. Kathleen has worked numerous jobs in her life, from flight attendant to manicurist. Along the way, she discovered her passion for serving others. Hospitality was her career, and the people she got to help became her education.

If she has learned one thing about being a wife, a mom, and working several service jobs, she has a passion for taking care of others.

It was not clear until many years later that nothing was wasted; every life experience for The Ashes added up to something great. Bob’s path of working as a contractor was aligning with a common purpose connected to Bella Vista. Destiny had brought together “the beauty and the builder” to create something extraordinary.

In 2005, The Ashes decided to purchase a beautiful place in Gold Country, CA. They knew this was the beginning of an elegant home, a place of beauty, to be shared with others. The backside of the house overlooks one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in El Dorado County, the American River winding through the hills of Coloma, and the original gold discovery site of 1848 that set California on its path to becoming a state in 1850. So, in 2007, in the gold country of California, Bella Vista B & B was born.

In all my years as a contractor, besides helping create Bella Vista, the greatest thing I ever built was a loving family.”

~Bob Ash, Co-Founder of Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast

Today, Bella Vista has hosted visitors from all over the United States and across the world. Its charm, construction, and beauty reflect years of hard work and dedication by a couple who had a dream. As a result, Bella Vista became more than a house; it is an experience for all travelers to the destination to enjoy.

“We all have one or two things we do well. We need to recognize areas we are not as qualified in and surround ourselves with great people with complementary talents. It’s okay to delegate and often necessary to take businesses to the next level. Also, create a company people love and view as their own. Treat teams like family. Serve guests like an extended family that comes to visit and continue to return to our place. We love hosting our repeat guests. At Bella Vista B & B, hospitality is at the core of our values. It is not just an extension of our business; it’s the purpose and heartbeat that makes our place what it is today.”

~Kathleen Ash, Co-Founder of Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast

For more information, check out the website or book online at The Ashes and their team of professional innkeepers look forward to meeting you during your next getaway, couples retreat, or business trip.

Press Release by Jeff Glass of Alpha Media Group

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