Build A Brand, Create A Culture

“The answer is not to just stop judging a book by it’s cover. We all do. The greater solution is to open the book to find out the truth.” – Jeff Glass

I was a guest teacher in a history class to present entrepreneurship to a group of students.

After class it was time for some Q&A. A student named Chris approached me and asked a direct question. “What’s up with employers judging us during interviews because we have tattoos, gauges, and piercings?”

“That’s a great question, and, personally I don’t care if someone has tattoos, etc. It does not bother me, but let’s look at it from the employer’s perspective. . . If you went to eat at a stranger’s house in Japan, what is the first thing you would do walking in the door?”

Chris replied, “I would take off my shoes of course.” “Why?” I responded. “It’s part of their culture. . .”

Although I wish employers would not judge because of tattoos and piercings, rarely does an entry level employee have the immediate opportunity to impact or change the brand of an organization. We either must blend into an existing culture or start our own. 

Build a Brand. Create a Culture. – Alpha Media Group

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