Call Centers for Service Businesses

“Should you use a call center?

This is a common question.

And, my final answer upfront is YOU decide what is best for your business.

I’ve owned two junk removal companies and have had experience with a call center.

I’ve also coached a call center here in the U.S. (that was not open to new methods) and got to see the results.

Not great. Not awful, but not great.

A majority of my clients cancel their call center service when they experience better alternatives.

First of all, call centers can work.

That’s the last positive I have; I will break it down from here.

1. Call centers close about 40-50% of leads. Industry average with our clients closing their own 80-98% at top pricing.

2. Call centers are not good for building your brand and culture with your clients. Each business has a specific brand they want to put out in the marketplace. I’ve seen more complaints about call centers not projecting the brand correctly or fully taking time to understand the culture of clients.

3. Call centers can add up quickly. Let’s say you’re paying $25 for that Google Ads lead, $15 for the closed deal by the call center, monthly management for the call service, monthly management for Google Ads, your staff, fuel and dump fees. How much profit are you left with after all of the built-in cost?

Profit margins should be 40-70% in the junk removal industry (this is based on real numbers from companies currently in operation).

4. If you’re a brand new business, and every closed deal counts, call centers could be a tipping point to put a company out of business fast.

So, what are your alternatives?

1. Answer the phones yourself while creating more automation in your online booking via your website, social media, or landing page.

2. Hire an office manager/staff to close the leads for you. Give them other tasks besides just answering phones. Strategically you should save money.

3. Most important: stop operating as if you have to close the deal over the phone. Be a technician instead of a salesperson. What do I mean? Think of plumbers and electricians who show up prepared to do the work (see Scripts).

I’ve created Scripts that help junk removers close on their own.

No pitch.

No clickbait.

Just Free Scripts.

If you’d like your free copy to close more deals, message “Free Scripts” to my office manager Cassidy Somervill.

All the best to your business growth.

Build a Brand.

Create a Culture.


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