Alpha Media Group Tips For Blogging

When writing blogs, it is recommended following what is called the 4E Format when framing/creating an outline:   Educational- teach or re-affirm something of value to the audience. It does not need to be novel or groundbreaking, just helpful.   Entertaining – comedy works. Keep it fun, light. This approach will help keep the attention […]

Learn the ABCs of Web Design: Digital Marketing – Raleigh, NC

Digital Marketing: Web Design

When a client comes to us to have a website built, the best feeling is upon delivery when the customer gets to see all of our work, creativity, and methods come to life. As our team sat down to build Garage Brother’s website, we wanted to make this site a home run just as any […]

How To Choose The Best Apartment

Whether it is your first time moving into an apartment or if you are moving to be closer to work, finding the right apartment complex to meet your needs is essential. After all, this is the next place that you will call home. So if it’s time to make the big move, read ahead before […]

Spring In The Puyallup Valley

Spring has sprung around the Puyallup Valley! The mornings are frosty, the afternoons are starting to warm up, and the daffodils are showing their bright yellow heads everywhere, from the side of 512 to Tacoma Boys Market. South Sounders are beginning to clean up their yards, closets, and garages and anticipate the Daffodil Parade and […]