Confessions of a Former Conspiracy Theorist, Revelation #451

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“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

~George Orwell


“This is how you control your domestic population – by making people afraid and by identifying an enemy.”

~Roger Waters


“A citizen with the illusion of freedom and exercisable autonomy is both the most valuable commodity and the weakest type of citizen to exploit.”

~Jeff Glass


I, like a lot of you, was once a lost person, tightly gripping a loose understanding of liberty and inalienable rights, thinking Freedom of Speech was somehow more important than Facts.

You are not alone. . .

I was deeply mistaken and misguided in the misuse of my American citizenship. I have learned that I do not need to love or have an allegiance to my country to be an active participant and make a difference in the lives of others.

I am so thankful for social media, CNN, AOC and other infallible sources for saving me from the webs of deception and my own self-destructive behavior. Obedience, Compromise, and Group Think are the unquestionable pathways and the Holy Trinity of mandates to building a better, more unified society.

I am in awe of the infinite wisdom and branding success of The Facebook Establishment. I must apologize to their staff and leadership for telling stories out of turn. I should have asked first. Much to the dismay of my poor choices due to my ignorant rebellion, I neglected to read the part of the community standards that states we can post: Facts Only. Facebook should have it’s own University. If only I could come up with an appropriate acronym, I would proudly sport their letters. It needs to make a bold statement that properly reflects their brand and the culture of all us who support this superior platform.

As an entrepreneur, allegorical teacher and a published storyteller/writer, that created some inherent conflict of interest. That displaced, naive approach aimed at fighting low cognitive recall, seemingly rendered useless and somewhat maniacal, should not burden the minds of others, possibly inspiring them to think for themselves. My perpetual carelessness of thinking for myself is not an acceptable pattern of social media engagement. Simply, it’s not my job. Again, I messed up and accept full responsibility for my blatantly wayward behavior. I’ve exploited this white privileged status long enough, and it’s not fair to others.

Apparently, Facebook is not the platform for Socratic thinking, deductive reasoning, slight offenses, unapproved joking, emperical measurements, postulating ideas, debate, juxtaposition of different sources, analysis, poetic prose, subjective expression, creativity, artistic licensing, questions, opinions, inspirational memes, historical evidence, self-rationalized logic, journalism, or deliberately stating anything that does not fit the arbitrary expectations and consequential regulations listed by someone, somewhere in the community guidelines.


Like a developing muscle, I must continue to discover this narrative or face the inevitable digital gaslighting that comes with being an independent thinker. This is my path of social redemption and acceptance which is the highest reward. Having others agree with you in masses is much easier to attain when we choose the right belief system.

Furthermore, in my ignorant Capitalistic, Caucasian, Christian, Conservative Constitutional-based limited thinking, I learned, under no circumstances question anything related to the election. That is not allowed. I have given myself a timeout, sufficient punishment, and the assignment of relentlessly ridiculing those that think like I once did; I am focused on being more socially responsible. Consequently, I know now, thanks to my leaders, to whom of which I surrender all thought in exchange for the shackled comfort, that I hold the power and collective responsibility of reporting anyone suspicious of committing this treasonous act of radical free thinking and expression. It’s not shaming, but rather tough love mentorship that is necessary. It feels good. And, that’s what matters.

It does not matter that a gentleman with a 200 I.Q. (one of the highest in the country) debunks the current outcome from the 2020 race. He should never be allowed on Facebook. I’m surprised they let him post on Twitter or even exist at all with his unnecessary excessive quantified amount of intelligence that he has selfishly hoarded from sharing a fair distribution to others. Personally, I am putting my profession of writing, once used for meaningless activity such as capital gain and feeding my family to something more important; I am writing a letter to CEO Jack Dorsey demanding this conspiracy theorist be ostracized from society and all social media platforms indefinitely.

He, among most of society need to be reminded they are beneath the brilliant minds of Facebook Fact Checkers and Big Tech. They are the authority, and I, personally was wrong to underestimate their unprecedented genius. Learn from my mistakes. Very few are smarter than these demigods of knowledge and forensic fact research.

The most important scholar to consider, of course, is Palpatine Joseph Biden. And, the only person smarter than the honorable President Elect according to Joe, is Hunter Biden. And, I would have to agree that Hunter’s utter brilliance at entrepreneurship and foreign negotiations is like no other. Fortunately, he has a documented trail of success for others to follow. Brilliant.

Undoubtedly, he is literally the smartest person, surpassing the 50 years of impact his father made on the country.

Could you imagine if The Legacy Media and Big Tech merged under the leadership of Hunter Biden?

We would never be burdened to think for ourselves again.

We would not be bound to the slavery of any moral code; all levels of social misconduct would be permissible for our leaders and we would be granted the rights to consume and  follow all of their content.

I do not have a degree in Liberal Studies from an accredited University, so I am not an expert on collective conformity and tyrannical obedience methods and best practices, but here is my advice. . .

Unless, you can accurately predict exactly what Facebook Fact Checkers (FFC) would approve, don’t post it. Ever. Whether intentional or accidental, said behavior can be interpreted as civil disobedience; It’s practically breaking the law.

Don’t be a borderline criminal.

Be Smart.

Like a Hunter.

Or be the hunted.

It’s that simple. The choice is yours. . .

For now.

Your big brother,

Jeff Glass

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