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Have you ever bought something, maybe a new bed or a swing-set, that said “some assembly required”? You think, “how hard can it be?” Once home you lug the box into the room, open it up and spend the next 2 hours trying to assemble it. Then you spend another 4 hours reassembling it only this time using the directions. Not much fun is it?

Now. have you ever had the opportunity to tear something down? That is much easier. Demolition for remodeling, tearing down swing sets, removing hot tubs, and other light projects can be performed by a person experienced in light demolition. If you plan to tear down the entire house, you should probably seek a contractor licensed in demolition work.

We specialize in light demolition which is the removal of small structures but still preserving some materials used in the structure. This means that if we are tearing out a wall in the kitchen or bathroom, the remaining walls will still be used in the reconstruction. It also means we know how to demolish a wall without the house falling down around us.

Rios Junk is a locally owned and operated team servicing the entire Oklahoma City area including Newcastle. We are experienced in kitchen demolitions, bathroom demolitions, and shed and play-set demolitions. Our expert team can also demolish your porch or deck and get it cleaned up and out of your way so you can begin building a new one.

Often sheds or unattached garages are not built to the same standard as the rest of the home. Because of this they usually fall apart quicker and have to be torn down and rebuilt. Rios Junk knows how to properly and safely remove the structure and haul away the debris.

We are a professional team trained to handle both residential and commercial demolition projects. We are the best at what we do and provide a quality service.

Our friendly staff will get your through the process from the first phone call to the hauling away of the last nail.

No need to call in a big construction truck or crew. We bring all our own equipment which helps keep costs lower for you.

If you are in Newcastle Oklahoma, give us a call and book your appointment today.
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