Does Your Microwave Need To Be Replaced?

Although a microwave is one of the smaller appliances in your kitchen, you probably use it the most for quick meals and reheating leftoves. With all of the use a microwave endures, it can easily become broken or need replacement. Regularly maintaining your microwave is important, but if it is too late for maintanence, read ahead to learn if your microwave needs to be replaced.

Here are some signs that your microwave may need to be replaced:

1. Unusual Loud Noises

If your microwave is not functioning properly, you might notice some unusual noises coming from it when you try to put it to use. When the noises come from the magnetron then you might want to start your replacement plan. The magnetron is one of the most important pieces in your microwave since it is the part that ultimately heats your food. If you don’t know what part of your microwave is making noise, try calling a local appliance repair shop and have them come check out the issue.

2. Unpleasant/Burning Smell

Sometimes, a microwave may produce an unpleasant smell or burning smell after making some meals. It happens due to the burning of a wire component or plastic inside the appliance that will affect the function. If you are starting to smell something unusual, replacement or repairing is in your future.

3. The Appliance Won’t Respond Or Turn On

If you have experienced your microwave not responding, there may be a way to fix it. Check the power supply source to see if everything is connected properly. If you have checked all power supplies, you might be out of luck and need to replace your appliance.

4. The Appliance Doesn’t Heat

When a microwave appliance doesn’t produce any heat, people should evaluate the issue carefully. A magnetron mainly causes the problem, and a qualified technician will help solve this issue accurately. If the issue persists, start shopping for a new microwave and see if you can turn in your old one to the manufacturer for a discount.

5. Turntable Not Spinning

The turntable is the most important part of a microwave; if the table is not spinning, you will notice your food isn’t heating up. The component may get damaged due to certain complications. If the problem is not solved then, one should consider replacing the appliance immediately.

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