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Before diving into the Google Ads account, the first step of the audit is reviewing business and account goals to ensure you understand what your focus and objectives are.


Review Account Structure

Having the right hierarchy can positively impact the amount of time required for managing campaigns and yield better data for decision making.


Account & campaign settings

In most cases, you can quickly review your campaign settings and move on.

However, you may ultimately need to come back to these settings to make adjustments based on your review and decisions for changes in other areas of the audit.


At this stage, it’s important to remember that
“ad groups = group of ads” rather than “
ad groups = group of keywords.”

Sometimes we get those two concepts confused. We think too much about keywords and groupings before we think about the intent of the searcher and the destination we’re sending them to.



We can get lost in keywords, match types, search queries, negative matching, and a lot of detail at a granular level.

It’s important to identify patterns and trends during the audit process.

By applying the goals identified in the first step of the audit process, you can evaluate the specific intent and performance of keywords.


Ads often are left to run unchecked in many accounts or are over-tested.

One way to effectively test ads is to set the ad rotation to force even rotation indefinitely and ensure that each ad group has two ad versions — an “A” and a “B” version.

At set intervals, you can then judge the winner and rotate in a new “B” version to test.

Even if you rely on Google’s algorithm in determining the ratio to serve ads and use dynamic tools, it is dangerous to leave things on autopilot.


landing page

Landing pages are external to Google Ads, but have a direct impact on the performance of the campaign and influence the metrics you see throughout Google Ads.

It would be an oversight to not analyze landing pages even if they don’t show up on your radar when evaluating ad quality scores.


As you work through the audit steps and spend time looking at the details compared to performance expectations and goals, you’ll need to document your notes.

It’s likely that your audit is going to be shared with others internally or externally.

Your real work begins after you’ve documented each item, the status of it, and any issues to address.

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