Carson City Graduate from Entrepreneur Program Purchases ReHaul


Jeff Glass has been teaching entrepreneurial classes to the youth of Carson City for years, and now, as his students grow up, they’re branching out to run businesses of their own.

One such student is Paul Klemm, the owner of Carson City’s ReHaul.

“ReHaul started as an effort to develop a student run business,” said Glass.

Glass used to work as an Executive Director of Entrepreneurship for the Hop and Mae Adams Foundation in Carson City, and began teaching classes in entrepreneurship to local youth in the region, whether through the high school, standalone classes, UNR, juvenile detention, the Boys and Girls Club and more.

Together with his wife, Regina, they came up with the idea for a re-purposing company called ReHaul or “Regina’s Hauling Company.”

The idea came to fruition with two focuses: re-purposing or recycling materials, and junk removal as a means of sourcing product.

Glass and Regina ran the business for a year-and-a-half, but they still wanted to continue their efforts with teaching young entrepreneurs how to run businesses.

Klemm was one of Glass’s students from his Entrepreneur Mindset Program — a ten-week course teaching life, job and business skills — who actually took and graduated his class twice.

Klemm came to Glass and said he wanted to invest in ReHaul. Now, he is the owner of ReHaul at only 21-years-old.

“This is really applied education,” said Glass. “School is great, education is great, but education stops at third base. Bringing it home is teaching students how to apply teachings and make money from this business class.”

“ReHaul is a very homegrown, organic, Carson City-born business,” said Glass. The vision for ReHaul, he said, is for it to stay local but expand into regional areas like Smith Valley, Yerington, Reno, etc.

“I first took the class when I was 17,” said Klemm. “In my second year, I was also assisting in teaching. I was working full time at Jamba Juice and because of the lessons I learned through the level one course, I was able to become general manager of my store by the time I was 18.”

By 19, he was promoted to Franchise District General Manager, running three stores, and he credits it to Glass’s courses.

“Now with ReHaul, I really want to make it a Level Two classroom for students,” said Klemm.

Klemm also works as a teacher through Glass’s courses, working with students from the Boys and Girls Club, juvenile detention, the high school and more, and offers hands-on training of the lessons he teaches with ReHaul as the base.

“One of the goals with ReHaul is to supply jobs for youth so they can learn to become entrepreneurs themselves, and give them a sense of direction,” said Klemm.

“We call it ‘Beyond the Classroom,’” said Glass. “They get to learn inside the class, but now here’s a classroom continuance where they actually get to learn, basically like an internship, except they’re getting paid.”

Students learn everything from hard labor to business skills to customer service skills, sales, client interactions, and beyond, said Glass.

“The baton passes, and now he becomes the teacher,” said Glass.

As ReHaul expands, said Klemm, employees will be sourced from the classroom as his own form of paying it forward.

“Recycling and repurposing is a need right now and it’s a growing need, especially with a new generation coming in,” said Klemm. “I think Rehaul is going to grow, and I would also love to pass the baton to a student who could continue the dream. We’d love to franchise.”

Klemm and Glass don’t want ReHaul to be a money-making business and nothing else, but instead they want to use it as a platform to make positive changes within the community.

“We also see ReHaul as a tool to deter recidivism, which is the tendency for offenders to re-offend, in this case, juvenile offenders,” said Klemm.

“You’d be surprised by how little time you have to commit crimes when running a business,” said Glass. “Really though, it’s about giving people value and giving people purpose.”



Jeff Glass is the owner of Alpha Media Group in Dallas Texas. Alpha Media Group is a social media company that uses SEO, website design, graphic design and marketing for professional businesses.

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