How to Complete Your Spring Cleaning Chores in One Week or Less

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When the weather gets warmer, and the flowers start blooming, spring cleaning feels like a logical addition to your to-do list.
The issue with this annual ritual is that it can be an emotional experience. So many of the items in a home can have emotional value to them, making it challenging to remove those things when it is time to do some cleaning.
Even if something is broken or unusable, the item might trigger a family memory or have an association with a lost loved one.
Is it time to tackle your spring cleaning chores? If so, here are some ways that you can get the job done in less than a week while respecting those emotional connections.
What Can I Do to Start Reclaiming My Home?
If you’re ready to get organized, these six steps can help you tackle your spring cleaning this year quickly and efficiently.
Step One: Plan Your Spring Cleaning Adventure
Before you start cleaning and organizing, it helps to make a list of the places in your home where you want to remove clutter. Once you’ve completed this overview, select the top three spots you’d like to see improved the most. When you finish clearing these spots, you’ll find that the outcome provides the most satisfaction.
Step Two: Start Where It Is Easy
If you find some areas are more challenging to address than others at home, start the spring cleaning process where you know you can get to work. Once you get the ball rolling with your decluttering and organizational strategies, the rest of your house will feel easier to tackle. Of course, you don’t need to start with something substantial! Even a sock drawer or bathroom closet are significant areas to put on your to-do list.
Step Three: Decide What You Want to Keep

It helps to follow the Three Rule Philosophy when sorting your items.

1.Do you love the item?
2.Do you use it regularly?
3.Can you live without it?
If the answer is “yes” to all of them, you should allow that item to take up space in your home. When that outcome doesn’t occur, it’s time to get rid of it. Most people only use about 20% of what they own regularly. That means there is a lot of space for decluttering work to happen!
Step Four: Sort Your Disposables
Although it might seem easier to throw everything away when you start spring cleaning your home, it’s not the most environmentally-conscious method of getting organized. Some items could be donated, while others might qualify for recycling programs. If something doesn’t fit into those categories, only then should it head for the trash.
Step Five: Get Some Support
It isn’t easy to part ways with some of your belongings. However, if you can give some things to people you love, it’ll feel easier to let go of those items. For some, this step is essential because their support team can help pack up everything, transport the stuff to its intended location, and handle other logistics that might be a roadblock to your organizational efforts.
Step Six: Finish the Job
Once you’ve removed the unwanted items from your home, it’s time to tidy things up. It helps to give your carpets, floors, and upholstery a thorough cleaning so that each room can feel fresh and inviting. If you need assistance with your spring cleaning chores, visit our site at give us a call at (253) 455-8718 to book an appointment with us and learn more about our junk removal services!


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