How To Declutter Your Home

No matter how neat and clean you are, over time, your house can accumulate junk and items you haven’t touched in years. Most of the debris and clutter you have will build up in storage spaces such as your garage, shed, or closets. It’s easy to neglect these spaces since we don’t step foot in there every day, but it is crucial to stay on top of the mess before it gets too overwhelming. Decluttering is necessary since you will have less stuff to clean, more open space, and less stress.

Read below to find out ways to declutter your home and live a peaceful and happy life.

First of all, you need to know that you do not need to rush this process. Go slow and take one step at a time because it will be difficult at first, but you will start enjoying living junk-free. Spend 30 minutes a day and pick a small portion of a room and begin decluttering that space. This way, you will not be overwhelmed.

Pick the most manageable area first, such as your living room, bathroom, or cabinets.

See what extra items you may have lying around. You might have extra clothing, dishes, utensils, kitchen machinery, books, decorations, personal items, etc. You can donate, gift, or give away those types of things.

Toss everything that you consider junk. Old or scratched CDs, torn books, expired medicines and makeup, stained clothes, broken toys, cereal boxes, jar caps, and other things. Go in every room and collect all the trash and throw it away. You will see how relieved you will feel, and the amount of space you are left with will feel great.

The 5 Boxes Strategy:

Using this method will help keep everything organized and will speed up the decluttering process. So go out and buy 5 (or more) boxes and label them with the following categories.

Keep: Everything that is valuable and useful to you will go in this box. Items like keepsakes, holiday decorations, or items used for future seasons are the best for this category.

Donate: If you have any extra items lying around or things that you can’t see yourself using in the future will go in the donate box. This includes old clothes, dishes, machinery, furniture, and useable items that can be given to people who need them.

Trash: Items that are broken or unusable can go into the trash pile. Make sure the items in this box are okay to be put into the garbage. Things like chemicals, paint, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc., are usually not safe to be tossed.

Recycle: Many companies will pay you for giving them recyclable items such as papers, newspapers, cupboards, electronic items, cell phones, batteries, metal, glass, etc.

Sell: This box is for the things that are still in good enough condition to be sold that you no longer need. Hold a garage sale at your house or take good pictures and sell on social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or E-Bay to earn cash.

If you need assistance with decluttering your home, Garage Brothers Junk Removal will remove and haul your items so you can speed up the process. Our team will donate and recycle as much as we can. If you are interested in our services, visit our site or give us a call (919) 533-5207


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