How To Dispose Of An Old BBQ


Having a barbeque in your backyard is a great addition to summer hangouts and a wonderful tool when you don’t feel like cooking in the kitchen. It is one of the most used appliances during the summer, but with all of its use, it can age quickly. Barbeques might need replacement if you let them sit idle for too long – like in the winter, for example. If you want to dispose of or replace your old barbeque, you might want to consider working with a local junk removal company. These teams of junk haulers will make sure your appliance is properly disposed of or donated without any hassles.

Here are some ways you can dispose of an old barbeque:

1. Dismantling Important Parts

Since a barbeque has many working parts, it is necessary to dismantle them with close attention. It would be best if you disposed of each part properly, which will prevent any issues. If you need help dismantling any piece of your barbeque, there are tons of videos online with each barbeque model to assist in the process.

2. Giving Importance To Propane Tank And Gas Pipe

If a grill is gas-fuelled, it is advisable to cut-off the hosepipe, which plays an important role in supplying gas to the burners. Simultaneously, the propane tank is very hazardous, and different regions follow different regulations when it comes to disposal. If you don’t know what to do with the old propane tank, call your local grocery store or gas station to see if you can recycle it.

3. Grill Body

Barbeque grills come with steel and aluminum materials that are recyclable. If you want to dispose of them correctly, contact a local scrap yard, they will make sure they are recycled and turned into new barbeques.

4. Batteries And Electronics

A barbeque grill also has a battery and electronic components which need careful removal to avoid potential hazards. Nowadays, different states offer e-waste programs, and you can learn more about them by researching them online or by giving them a call.

5. Grill Lid And Side Shelves

Like the grill body, the grill lid and side shelves on a barbeque also contain steel and aluminum materials, which require proper care while handling them. It is possible to sell the grill lid and side shelves to scrap dealers, so you don’t have to stress the parts being properly disposed of or recycled.

6. Control Valves, Wheels, And Control Knobs

Control valves, wheels, and control knobs are some other components that need more care when you want to dispose of a barbeque. However, you should make sure you can send them to a recycling unit to ensure that you don’t contribute to any environmental threats.

7. Calling A Professional Company

While it is possible to dispose of a barbeque on your own, you might want to consider calling a professional junk removal company to help you during the process. A reputable and licensed company will give you ways to remove your appliance with the highest standards to avoid any problems.

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