How To Dispose Of Old Filing Cabinets

Are you thinking about upgrading your office filing cabinets? You can choose from many options when you’re starting the process, but the first thing you need to do is get rid of the old cabinets. While filing cabinets are among the most useful items in an office, they can get a lot of wear and tear over the years, which means you need to replace them every so often. Removing them can require support from junk removal companies since they are often bulky, and you might have to move them from the top floor to the bottom.

Here are some options to consider when you are getting rid of your old filing cabinets:

1. Donating

Many businesses and offices can use a donated filing cabinet, so this is a great way to get rid of your old one while helping others. If you have a donation center in your area, the process of donating a filing cabinet is usually straightforward. Some other places besides a donation center are schools, new office companies, print shops, and friends starting a business.

2. Auctioning and Selling

Selling online has become as easy as the click of a button. Just take some photos of your filing cabinets, type a good description with the condition it is in, and post it! Before you know it, you will have people calling you willing to buy your old cabinets so you can make room for your new ones. You can even ask a potential customer if they are willing to pick the cabinets up on their own, so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

3. Junkyard

Junkyards are a great option since they buy all kinds of furniture, including old filing cabinets, no matter what condition they are in. Keep in mind that you may have to transport the cabinet on your own instead of having it picked up from your office with this option.

4. Recycling and Repurposing

If the above options aren’t feasible, try recycling or repurposing your old cabinets. Recycling centers usually take filing cabinets, and researching these centers online will help you make a better decision. If you want to repurpose an old filing cabinet, you can try painting it and changing the hardware to make it look brand new!

6. Hiring Junk Removal Services

A junk removal company will guide offices to efficiently remove all old furniture and office items with highly qualified teams. They will come directly to your office, pick up the items, and haul them away to be disposed of properly.

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