How To Perform Hoarding Cleaning Services Safely?

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Hoarding is a disorder that occurs in some people who save worthless items in large volume that can lead to various problems. It is really difficult to clean the hoarding items because the process requires special attention. Cleaning up the home of a hoarder is not an easy task due to several challenges. Anyone who wants to remove the hoarding items from a property should seek support from a company that specializes in offering services with the latest approaches.

Here are some tips for making a hoarding clean out a breeze:

Evaluating The Situation & Creating A Strategy

Hoarders lack the ability to categorize items and they will tend to accumulate large numbers of useless products. Moreover, they never throw away any of them and try to preserve things for a long time. The hoarding items consume more space in a home that can lead to bacteria and mold growth. This will result in several discomforts in the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate situations with great patience and compassion. In addition, one should create a plan after analyzing the conditions carefully.

Separating Items Into 3 Categories

It is imperative to separate the items into categories for removing them with ease. They include donation items, trash items, and usable items. This will help owners make better decisions. Items that have not been used in a year or more come under the trash category.

Ensuring Safety

Cleaning a hoarding property requires taking some safety measures and those who perform the clean-out should consider wearing some accessories to minimize the risks. It is advisable for them to use disposable gloves, dust masks, goggles, sturdy shoes, and hard hats. Some other things needed for hoarding clean-outs include a fire extinguisher, repellent spray, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit.

Gathering Supplies

While cleaning the hoarding items, you will need appropriate cleaning equipment to remove the trash and disinfect the premises effectively. Apart from that, the cleaning process requires some tools for disassembling or repairing some products. It is wise to take lots of heavy-duty trash bags and other necessary items including a dumpster, for meeting essential needs in the cleaning process.

Preparing A Suitable Staging Area

Before carrying out hoarding clean-outs, it is advisable to prepare a suitable staging area for the placement of the items. People involved in the process should consider clearing the outside area first to sort out and organize the items accordingly. Also, they should focus more on securing the exits correctly in order to get high-level protection. One should secure an exit and start removing the debris and trash from the nearest room first. offers hoarding clean-out services in various locations across Florida and with our friendly professional team, we’ll have your place cleaned up in no time.

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