How To Recycle Common Household Items

Whether you are cleaning your house and getting rid of things, or if you’re moving from one place to another, there will be many items that need to be hauled out of your home, and some household items can be be recycled if you don’t want to toss them out.

Here is how you can recycle your most commonly used household items:

1. Recycling Metals

Think about all of the metals you use in your daily life, from soft drink cans to aluminum foil used for baking. These items can be recycled when you take the right steps. For cans and containers, you can return them to the supermarket. Usually, many supermarkets have recycling bins, and you can toss your aluminum cans in there for future recycling. In some states, you will get a small amount of change back for recycling items like these.

2. Recycling Paper

Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, but make sure to keep in mind that damp paper or cardboard cannot be recycled. This can ruin the recycling process, and wetness can lead to the formation of fungus and mold. What can be recycled are glossy magazine papers, white office paper, and more. Many things are made from recycled paper, like moving boxes, shipment boxes and containers, etc. You can also use unused paper to make envelopes and sleeves.

3. Recycling Plastic

The type of plastic that can be recycled depends on its grade. There are several grades of plastic; some are food-grade, some are recyclable, and some are not. Things like plastic bottle caps and bottles can easily be recycled, and you can throw them in your nearest recycle bin.

Ensure that you clean out your plastic containers before throwing them in the recycling bin because leftover grease and oil from plastic food containers can interfere with the recycling process, and it can be harder to recycle these plastic items.

4. Recycling Glass

Glass is also easy to recycle. It would help if you sorted out glass according to its color. Glass is crushed in certain factories and is used to make different things like fillers, countertops, etc. With that being said, treated glass or heat-proof glass-like ceramic and Pyrex glasses cannot be recycled. The treated glass has many additives in its composition, which makes it heat-proof and resistant to breakage. Therefore they can hinder the process of recycling. Other than that, most natural glasses, like soda bottles, glass jugs, dishes, glass décor pieces, etc., are recyclable.

Recycling properly is not only good for the environment, it also makes you mindful of the fact on how things should be recycled. With these tips, you will be a recycling pro within no time!

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