How To Reduce Stress While Decluttering

Most people live with some level of clutter – there is no one who can’t benefit from a good decluttering session. There are tons of benefits to decluttering, but the most important thing will make you feel better and more relaxed. In this blog post, we’ll discuss reducing stress levels while decluttering by following 6 simple steps!

1. Take a deep breath and relax – you’re not going to be able to declutter your entire house in one day.

It’s tempting to try and take on everything at once, but it can really lead you to be overwhelmed. So instead, you’re better off taking a deep breath and realizing you’ll have more success by tackling smaller areas of your home one day (or even just 15 minutes) at a time.

2. Start small – start with the easiest room or area of the house that is out of control

When you start small, it’s much easier to take on larger areas of your home and get them under control. You’ll feel like you’re accomplishing a lot more, which will help lower stress levels.

Start with the easiest room in your house that is out of control – for example, if clothes are piling up all over the floor or there’s overflowing garbage, you can start by packing those items into boxes before moving onto your next room.

3. Set aside time each day for decluttering, even if it’s just 15 minutes

To declutter successfully, you need to set aside time each day. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, the more consistent you are with your schedule and deadlines, the better off you’ll be. It can also help to use timers or alarms on your phone to remind yourself when it’s time for distraction-free zen meditation.

4. Get rid of clutter as soon as possible

Put away clothes immediately after wearing them, throw away old food, etc., and make sure any papers are filed properly before throwing them out. The more you stay on top of chores, the less you’ll have to worry about them later, and the more productive your decluttering sessions will be.

6. Think about how you want your home to feel when you walk into it every night-do you want it to be neat and tidy or chaotic and cluttered?

Setting a goal and sticking to it will help you declutter your home more quickly and efficiently. In addition, if you know what your end goal will be, this will motivate you more to get the tasks done!

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