How to Remove Heavy Items From Your Home

If you’re moving to a new home, or just rearranging your furniture, you’ll probably need to move some heavy items. But before you start lifting, take a few minutes to read this guide! We’ll show you how to safely remove appliances and furniture from your home.

1. Always Use a Furniture Dolly When Moving Heavy Furniture

It’s much easier to move heavy furniture if you use a dolly. This will distribute the weight evenly, and it will be much easier on your back.If you don’t have a dolly available, try using a few strong friends to help you lift the furniture. But be careful – never try to lift more than you can safely carry!

2. Unplug and Disconnect Appliances Before Moving Them

Before you move any appliances, be sure to unplug them and disconnect all of the hoses and cords. This will prevent any accidents from happening, and it will also make the appliance easier to carry.

Be especially careful with refrigerators – they can be very heavy! If possible, try to have a friend help you carry it. If you’re moving a stove, be sure to disconnect the gas line first. And if you’re moving a washing machine or dryer, unplug them and disconnect the hoses. If you have any questions about disconnecting an appliance, consult your owner’s manual.

3. Place a Protective Barrier on the Floor

Whenever you’re moving furniture or appliances, it’s important to protect the floor. This will prevent any scratches or damage from happening.

You can use a variety of things to protect your floor – newspapers, cardboard boxes, blankets, etc. Just be sure that whatever you use is thick enough to absorb the impact of the object being moved.

If you’re moving a heavy appliance, it’s also a good idea to place something underneath it. This will help protect the floor from scratches or dents.

4. Carry the Piece of Furniture to the New Location

Once you’ve disconnected and/or unplugged the appliance, or if you have prepared the area for the item to be moved, it’s time to carry it to its new location. Be very careful when doing this – you don’t want to drop it! Try not to do this part on your own, if you can avoid it.

You should also be careful about where you place the item when carrying it. It’s best to keep it as close to your body as possible, and make sure that nothing is in its path that could cause an accident.

5. Call a Junk Removal Company for Heavy Items

If you have a particularly heavy item that you need to remove from your home, it might be best to call a junk removal company. They will have the equipment and manpower necessary to move the item safely and efficiently.

Plus, they can take away all of the hassle – so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the item yourself. Just be sure to call ahead, so they can make preparations for the removal.

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