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Moving to a new place can feel like an opportunity to enjoy many new experiences. How your belongings get transported depends on where your brand new home lies.
But as you begin to pack your items, you will notice that there are many things you no longer need. Old furniture, broken appliances, and clothes that don’t fit are just a few of the items you should consider leaving behind.
Instead of taking your unwanted belongings with you, consider hiring a junk removal service provider to help. These services could be the asset you need to meet your closing deadline or get that security deposit back.
How Can Junk Removal Services Help with Your Move?
1. They Get Rid Of The Trash For You
When you’re moving out of a home, a significant amount of trash can get left behind. Instead of making several runs to the landfill or an authorized disposal area, you can contact a local junk removal service to haul this stuff off for you. That means you can keep loading the truck or working with movers while the unwanted items disappear.
2. Some Providers Offer A Dumpster
If you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself, some professional junk removal service agencies offer private dumpster access. You can fill up the container as you work and call the provider when you’ve finished. They’ll take the unwanted items to wherever they need to go for appropriate disposal.
3. You Don’t Need To Leave Your Items Behind
Unless you’re leaving hazardous materials or other items that the junk removal professionals cannot accept, this service can get rid of what doesn’t fit on the moving truck. You’ll avoid the administrative fees that landlords or property managers charge or the complaints from buyers who discover some stuff didn’t leave with you. It’s an affordable way to handle the remaining logistics of your move.
4. You Have Scheduling Flexibility

When you want to hire a professional junk removal team, it can be as simple as calling them about your job and texting a photo of what you need to have removed. Some agencies provide video consultations so that you receive a real-time estimate. From there, you can choose a date and time that works with your moving schedule. The rest of the work is simple. Your junk removal service provider arrives at the date and time you specify. They remove your unwanted items, leaving the space clutter-free so that you can finish whatever cleaning work remains.

5. The Services Can Count Toward Lease Requirements.
Some leases require you to hire professional services for specific needs when moving out. When you work with junk removal specialists, you’ll receive the documentation needed to prove you’ve taken care of your responsibilities. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that one more box gets checked off that to-do list.
Can We Lend a Hand with Your Move?

If you’re moving soon and have extra junk that needs to disappear, the G.I. Junk Away team is standing by to help! Just let us know the items you want us to remove, and we’ll be proud to deliver a competitive quote that takes care of your needs. If you are looking for a junk removal team to help you move, G.I. Junk Away is the team for you! Contact us at (760) 896-4473 to start the conversation or visit our website at https://gijunkaway.us/for more information.

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