Monday.Com: The New Way To Run Your Business

The average small business owner spends a lot of their time managing their project management system. It’s not uncommon to spend hours on it each week, adding new information and trying to keep up with all the different tasks. But is this really necessary? When Alpha Media Group started using, we saw a huge difference in how our operations were organized, and we want to let other small businesses know about this amazing project management and CRM platform.

1. The problem with traditional CRM

When a company uses a traditional CRM (client relationship management system), they will find that it is time consuming. It can take up a lot of the owners time as well as the employees. These CRM’s are not always designed for small business owners who don’t have their whole day dedicated to running operations.

2. Monday’s solution to this problem

When we started using, we found that a lot of our time that was used trying to track things down, schedule appointments, or assign tasks was cut in half.

Monday’s system is designed to help small business owners like you and me. It has simplified our lives by allowing us to see all of the information we need, in one place at a glance.

The solution that Monday provides is their new CRM platform which puts everything for your company into one easy-to-use website . They allow you to see contact information, tasks that need completing and all of the emails in one place.

Monday’s CRM system is designed for businesses just like yours! If you want your business to run more efficiently than ever before, this is the perfect solution.

3. Why you should switch to Monday

There are a few reasons why Monday is the perfect CRM platform for small business owners like you and me.

First, they provide you with one place to see all of your contact information as well as tasks that need completing. This means no more tracking down where important emails may be hiding. If there is an email or task assigned to you, it will show right there on Monday’s interface.

Second, they make scheduling appointments simple! With their new scheduler feature, you can schedule meetings with your clientele directly from the site. You also have access to any of your upcoming or past events at all times by simply clicking an icon that shows up next to every person’s name.

Monday also provides you with an easy way to keep track of your company’s contacts and accounts in one centralized location. You can see what is happening at each account, how much revenue it has brought in, whether or not a sale was made within the past year, and more. All of this information gathered from each of your accounts is organized into one place.

Finally, Monday has a great dashboard that allows you to see all of the information about each account in just minutes! You have access to every contact’s name, company titles and social media links so it is easy for you to engage with them on LinkedIn or Twitter . With their new messaging system, you can quickly and easily communicate with your clients!

4. How it works for customers and companies 

This is how Monday’s platform works for both the customers and companies:

First, as a customer you can sign up to receive messages directly from your favorite company or business. This means that it will be easier than ever before to stay updated with what is happening in your industry . You even have access to past messages so there are no more missed opportunities to engage with companies!

When you are ready to make a purchase, Monday makes the process easy by giving you all of the information in one place. You can see everything about your favorite company’s product or service before making any decisions. All it takes is logging in and clicking “purchase now” to get started.

Second, companies can communicate with their employees quickly and efficiently. Monday has streamlined this process by allowing them quick access to all of the information they need about every customer in one place! They also provide businesses with analytics that allow them see who is engaging more often than others so they know which customers to focus on during their next outreach.

Finally, Monday provides companies with a centralized location to manage their customers. They can see how much revenue each account has brought in over the past year and they have access to all of that information at any given time! All you need is an internet connection to start using this feature.

5. How Alpha Media Group has benefited from

Our company has seen great growth and organization over the past year since using this platform. We just want to spread the word that starting a small business can be easy when you sign up with a CRM! To start your own account, use this link to get started!

If you have any questions on getting started with your own small business, call Alpha Media Group today 214-531-3979 or visit our website

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