Need Light Demolition Services?

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Picture this: You have just moved into your new house, which with your vision and hard work, will be the house of your dreams.  But there’s one little problem, the counters and flooring, and even some of the walls do not quite meet your “dream home” ideals.

Enter, Light Demolition.  You love the house, but there are just a few changes that need to be made on the interior to make it perfect.  Unfortunately, those “few changes” come with a huge mess!  The thought of which may have you putting the idea of your new dream interior out of your mind.

Light demolition is the tear down or disassembly of interior spaces, decks, small sheds, and similar structures.  Tearing out interior spaces such as flooring, counters, and sheetrock can be messy and time consuming.  This mess can sometimes spread to every corner of your home if the area is not properly protected.  It can also be costly, or dangerous, if performed without adequate knowledge or tools.  For example, if you are removing sheetrock, care must be taken to avoid damaging pipes or electrical lines, which could end up being more costly than paying to have the work done.

There are several light demolition projects you may need help with, where we can provide a valuable service to keep the headaches out of your remodel project, while still keeping the costs reasonable.

Kitchen/Bathroom Tear-Down

Kitchens and bathrooms are two areas of remodel where you can get the most value and benefit from the expenditure.  We can come in and remove all or some of the following:

  • Cabinets
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Counters
  • Floor Tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets

While we are clearing out the space for your new dream kitchen or bathroom, we will protect the surrounding areas from the dust and debris of the job, so that all the mess is contained to the work area.  After the demolition is complete, we will remove and haul away all mess.

Deck Removal

Removing a deck can be challenging and potentially dangerous due to the size, weight, and sometimes height of the beams involved.  Our professionals will disassemble your deck to provide a clear space for the construction of your new deck.

Shed Disassembly

Do you have a dilapidated shed that is more an eye sore than a dry place to store your overflow items?  Our staff can disassemble and haul-off your old shed and help beautify your property.

Sparks Junk Removal and Hauling can provide experienced professionals to complete many different light demolition projects at your home or business.  Our professionals will protect the work area to prevent unwanted damage and keep dust and debris from entering the remainder of the structure.

If you are in need of light demolition services, we service Madison County, Macoupin County, Jersey County, or St Clair County in Illinois.  We also service St. Louis County and St Charles, Missouri and would be happy to provide a free quote by phone or email.

Please call (618) 781-1407 or visit our website for more information today!

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