Our 2021 New Year Resolutions: Decluttering Your Home

We have an upcoming resolution for the upcoming year: Decompress your home. The winter holidays come every year, bringing with it additional items for which we need a place to stay. It’s time to get rid of everything and start again this year. If you follow the steps below, you may be able to reduce clutter in your house more quickly.

1. Take a Look Around Your Home

If you have a small apartment, you may want to get rid of furniture that is too big for your home, or if it’s impractical in its current location. Small homes are easier to maintain when there are fewer items in them. If you have more than one floor in your house, consider moving smaller items to the basement or attic. If it’s practical, you may decide to remove them completely. If you have a storage unit, check it periodically to see if there are any items in your home that could stay there.

2. Make Decisions About What to Keep

Ask yourself if each item in your house “sparks joy” when you touch it. If the answer is no, consider getting rid of it. This is not to say, of course, that you should keep everything with emotion. If it’s an item you use often and like, keep it. But if it’s something that makes you feel good but isn’t practical or useful in your home, consider finding a new space for it elsewhere.

3. Keep Items That Are Useful

Think about what you actually use in your house, and keep only the ones that are necessary for everyday life. If something can be used to cook or entertain, keep it even if you hardly ever use it. This is because appliances tend to break down over time, which means you may have to replace them eventually. If you don’t need it, consider selling your appliances.

4. Store Items to Make the Most of Your Space

Put plates vertically in a cabinet rather than horizontally on a shelf, so they take up less space. Don’t keep extra hardware for things you already have if you don’t think you need them. If you have extra hardware, keep it in one place, so you can find what you need if your original pieces break or get lost. Consider arranging storage units so you can see their contents easily.

5. Make a List of Things to Do

If all else fails, make a list of everything in your house that needs to be done, and work your way from the top down. If an item falls between things on your list or does not fall on your list at all, consider getting rid of it. By doing this, you can take a step closer to a cleaner home that is easier for you and others to manage.

6. Give Things Away That Don’t Fit Your Lifestyle

Do you have a lot of gifts from your family? Do you use them all year round? In any case, this clutter stops being useful to you and takes up space in your home. Sometimes we forget about items that are down in the basement or in the attic, so make sure you check them again before giving them away. You will be surprised by what you find.

7. Make a List of Things That Are Useful to Others

You may have bought something you really need, but it’s too big for your house or apartment. You can sell the item on the Internet through sites like Craigslist or eBay to make some extra money, and then buy a smaller version of the same thing. You will be surprised by how many items you can sell and even make money!

8. DIY – Organize Your Home & Life

Become more organized and set up a system to record all household tasks, such as buying soap or cleaning products, in one place that everyone knows. Throw out what you no longer use. This will help you know where everything is when you need it.

9. Donate Items to Charity

It is better to give, rather than keep things that you can donate or sell as a way of helping those who are less fortunate. A new year means a fresh start for everyone!

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