Simple Steps To Decluttering Your Bedroom

Your bedroom may only be used to sleep in, but it is common for your room to accumulate clutter, junk, and debris. If you are overwhelmed with the build-up of unwanted items in your bedroom, you may want to think about seeking support from expert teams to meet your needs. Hiring a team to do the job will save you time and stress, and it will help maintain your room in a tidy and neat condition. It’s time to get rid of the mess and stop the stress!

Here are some things to keep in mind while decluttering a bedroom:

1. Sorting Out Items Into Three Piles

To start, try making just three piles and organizing them by type. Three piles will make it easier to organize and less stressful than a slew of different, tiny piles. The piles that are easiest to start with are the items you will keep, the items you will donate, and the pile that needs to be reorganized and put into a different space. It is important to sort these piles afterward to the appropriate places not to have any complications.

2. Organizing Your Closet And Dresser

Your closet and dresser are most likely the most unorganized part of your room. Sometimes when laundry is being done, we throw clothing in the closet without organizing anything. While you are going through your closet, start putting aside any clothes you haven’t worn in a year. If you find a lot of these types of clothes, throw them in the donate pile. It is a good rule of thumb to donate any clothing items you haven’t touched in a year. It is also important to take into account the season that you are in. If you don’t see yourself wearing an item until next year, put it away to store until it is ready to be worn.

3. Giving Importance To Decoration Items

It would be best if you didn’t forget to evaluate your bedroom decoration items such as pillows, bedding, wall hangings, etc. While you are organizing your room, put your bedding into the washing machine so by the time you are done cleaning, the bedding is ready to be put back on the bed. If you have any wall decor that is lying around or old, you can put those in the donation pile as well. This, in turn, paves ways to get rid of unwanted things that can help improve the conditions of your room.

4. Resetting A Room Every Day

To keep your room clean after the organization process, make sure you aren’t leaving any items in your room that don’t belong there. Dishes and water bottles are common to accumulate on bedside tables. But, if you get ahead of the problem and keep up with cleaning, you don’t have to stress as much about the mess. Another tip is to hang clothing back up after you try them on; prevention is key!

5. Donating

Donating clothes and other unwanted item allow you to reduce the junk lingering in your bedroom. Donating is also a great thing to do to give back to your community instead of throwing unused items away. Donating used items also shows methods to save more space in a wardrobe and other areas.

6. Recycling

Recycling is the best option to get rid of junk materials effectively. If you want to learn more about recycling techniques, you can seek support from a professional company that follows the best practices. Be sure to check in your local area for recycling centers and the rules on recycling certain items.

7. Keeping Up On Laundry

It is imperative to have a designated spot for dirty laundry in your bedroom so you can keep them out of your living spaces. If you want to keep up on laundry efficiently, try to do a load every time your laundry basket gets full. If you let the laundry basket overflow, you are more likely to procrastinate on the chore since it can seem overwhelming. Dirty laundry can make your bedroom messy, and focusing on staying caught up on this chore can make a big difference in your room staying clean.

8. Clearing The Surface Clutter

The next step in decluttering a bedroom is clearing the surface clutter, which paves ways to keep the surroundings clean. As flat surfaces accumulate clutter, it is important to clear junk items as early as possible. While you are in the beginning stages of cleaning, clear every surface possible and wipe them down. Bring any clutter to the kitchen or trash, so you have a fresh start.

9. Hiring RPS Junk To Help You!

If you are overwhelmed by the clutter and junk taking over your bedroom, give RPS Junk a call. We are an experienced team, and we will haul away and donate as much as we can.

To learn more about RPS Junk, give us a call at 410-999-4827, or visit our site

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