The 30 Day Home Organization Challenge

Every home can benefit from a good organizational makeover. Organization is not just for those with cluttered homes, it’s also for those who have everything in its place but are still living a stressful life because they don’t know where anything is. Organization brings peace of mind and sanity to your everyday life. Whether you’re looking to get organized or need help getting rid of the excess clutter in your home, 3g Removals has got you covered!

If you want to tag along with us on this 30-Day Organization Challenge, keep reading ahead for tips!

Create a Plan

You can either create an actual plan or make a mental note while we go through these tips about what needs to be done. Get a pen and paper and start mapping out your home. It may seem tedious, but this will help you better understand what needs to be organized and cleaned up.

Week 1: Daily Deep Cleaning

Grab a daily checklist online of what needs to be cleaned every day. For example, Monday will be for the bedrooms, Tuesday can be the bathrooms, and so on. Dedicating each day to a certain part of your home will allow you to cut down on cleaning time, and you will be able to spend more time on each room.

Start with the area that’s easiest for you – either bathrooms or kitchens (or any other room in your home). This is where we’ll build our momentum, so it doesn’t become overwhelming! Ensure everything is sparkling clean by organizing all the cosmetic items, cleaning the counters and stovetops, wiping down cabinets, and more. If there are any stains on floors, now would be a good time to fight them off before they worsen. Once we’re done here, move onto another easy-to-clean space like bedrooms or living rooms until every part of your house has been tidied up.

Week 2: Decluttering

Once you’ve deep cleaned your home, start with one room and go through it from top to bottom. Sift through drawers, cabinets, closets – whatever needs organizing should be done first! Throw away anything that is no longer relevant (e.g., old magazines or clothes) and donate what may still serve a purpose but doesn’t fit in at the moment. Once all of this has been discarded into bags and boxes for donation or trash pickup, move on to another area until every part of your house has had an overhaul! This can take some time, so don’t give up if things seem too overwhelming at times, take a break before coming back later when you’re mentally ready again.

Week 3: Organization

In the first week, you may have tackled some of your physical clutter as well as items that take up a lot of mental space. Organization is key when it comes to making one’s life easier and more enjoyable at all times, so don’t neglect these areas! In this third and final week, you can focus on what needs to be organized in your home – from sorting through piles of paperwork to cleaning out cabinets or closets.

Week 4: Donate, Recycle, and Trash

Now that everything is cleaned, organized, and decluttered, it’s time to get all of your unwanted items out of the house! If you do not have the tools or equipment to haul old furniture, appliances, junk, or other items, call 3G Removals! We offer junk removal services for your home, so give us a call today at (561) 777-7779 or visit our website


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