The Berry Meaning of Entrepreneurship


By: Jeff Glass, Serial Entrepreneur, Writer, and Chocolate Dipped Addict
“The key to success is to find what you love to make your life and the lives of others more fruitful.”

-Sherry Fitzpatrick, Buried in Chocolate
Great entrepreneurs are not only born with greatness; they are often born-again. What is the difference between successful business owners and dynamic entrepreneurs? Risk? Courage? No. It is the ability to reinvent themselves, to rebirth out of hardship, and touch the hearts and minds of others.

Ten years ago, I ran a service business in Northern California. We received all types of calls that complimented our portfolio of diverse clients. I was not always the one to answer the phones, but there is one day, one call in particular, I would never forget.
A lady named Shari called me asking to trade strawberries with our company. That was a first. That was when I met Shari Fitzpatrick, founder of Sharies Berries. If you have ever had the privilege of enjoying some of Shari’s individually chocolate dipped, highly addictive strawberries then you will know why I was a sucker trading services for $600.00 worth of berries per year.

I thought I was a great negotiator. Let’s put it this way, Shari: 1 Jeff: 0 + plus boxes of strawberries. However, I now was loaded with berries; I was the king of gifts amongst friends and family for years.

Shari’s rise to fame is filled with love, family trials, and faith. Shari was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and learned to recognize opportunities from an early age. When she was just a little girl, she picked strawberries from patches planted by her father. She had a passion for berries and family; They would be the fuel and fruit of her career. Her faith in God gave her the courage and the strength to build a strawberry empire and face some of her biggest challenges.

Today, I am reacquainted with an amazing woman of dynamic character who lifts up other entrepreneurs with her testimony, wisdom, and philanthropic heart. She is still a creative pioneer and serial innovator living her passion to influence people all over the world through her new company: Berried in Chocolate.

Shari is now a national celebrity, author, key note speaker, berry and wine aficionado, and cruise experience specialist.
You can visit Shari and her incredible works of edible art go to

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