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You know the feeling. You’re cleaning up your house, and you come across some junk that’s not worth keeping, but there it is in front of you, taking up space. Garage Brothers Junk removal in Raleigh can help with this problem by coming to your home or business and removing all of the excess stuff for you so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Junk removal isn’t something most people think about until they need it. Still, Garage Brothers Junk Removal will be happy to come out and take care of anything from a few pieces of furniture to an entire garage full of unwanted items!

What types of services does Garage Brothers offer?

General Junk Removal

What comes to mind when you think of junk? Junk is a general term that encompasses anything and everything you don’t want. Junk could be broken furniture, old toys with missing pieces, or children’s clothes too small to wear anymore. Junk can also refer to items taking up space in your home or business, like excess clutter. If you want your junk gone, our team will handle the job so you can kick back and relax.

Appliance Removal

Old appliances taking up space in your kitchen or storage spaces? Junk removal is the solution for old, unused appliances. Junk removal services can provide a convenient way to get rid of broken or unwanted appliances taking up space in your home. Our team always makes sure to recycle, donate and dispose of your old appliances properly.

Furniture Removal

Over time, furniture can get worn down, or you may want an upgrade. Junk removal services can provide a convenient way to get rid of old furniture and replace it with something new. Junk removal services are also the perfect solution for those who want more space in their homes but don’t know where to put everything without having any room left over.

House Cleanouts

Are you moving? Cleaning out an estate? Here at Garage Brothers, we will take any items out of your home or estate that you don’t want. Junk removal services ensure that everything is disposed of properly and recycled, so you can be at ease knowing your old items are being reused or repurposed for something new.

Electronics Removal

It can be tricky to dispose of old electronics. However, junk removal services can take care of your old electronics and dispose of them properly. Junk removal services ensure that everything is disposed of properly, so all you have to worry about is letting us know what we need to take away from your home or office building.


Our team prides ourselves in recycling everything we can! If you don’t have the time to make it to the recycling center, we do. Recycling is important because it helps keep our environment clean and keeps usable items out of landfills. Junk removal services are a great way to recycle!

If you need assistance with getting the junk out of your home or business, Garage Brothers Junk Removal will remove and haul your items so you can speed up the process. If you are interested in our services, visit our site or give us a call (919) 533-5207


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