The Bubba’s Junk Removal Story

There is a culture here in Texas; people take the time to stop and pay attention to what is essential. They will pull over to the side of the road to help you change a tire or invite you in for some sweet tea if you’re in the neighborhood. There is a high value of people and a way of treating one another. Full of hard-working blue-collar Americans, Texas is a growing economy attracting entrepreneurs from other states to set up their enterprises in the Lone Star State, hopeful for growing profit and a better quality of life. For Doug “Bubba” Calhoun, taking care of others is not only a part of his life but the very thread that binds his business together and sets it a level above other companies. Bubba’s Junk Removal is a company serving southeast Texas built on family values and growing by helping one family and business owner at a time.

At Bubba’s Junk Removal, my Dad makes learning fun. In business, it’s important to make appointments and take care of people.”

— Bristol Calhoun, Future CEO


Bubba started his junk removal business like many business owners from the bottom with only a few resources. With the help and encouragement of his mother-in-law Donna Lowery, he had full use of his 91 Ford Taurus and a borrowed van to make money off of hauling and recycling scrap metal. He had to make it work with the tools he had. Shortly after business gaining traction, Donna, unfortunately, lost her fight with cancer. Bubba continued working days, nights, and weekends finding jobs and building relationships making recycling scrap metal a full-time determined to build a business that would support his family. With an old, used truck, Bubba found a trailer in Hunstville, still full of trash for sale, and paid five hundred dollars to add it to his scrap metal recycling and future junk removal business.

As Bubba’s Junk Removal grew, Tammy Calhoun, Bubba’s wife, took on the operations role of running the office full-time. With her office management background, Bubba had the support he needed to focus on field operations. At this point, Bubba was transitioning from scrapper to business owner. Next, Bubba and his team worked on building the company’s brand, from logos to shirts. They took steps from being known to becoming recognized as a household name in their service communities. While the core values remained intact, the focus grew and shifted from making daily money to making a difference in the industry and leaving a lasting impact on every customer.

Instead of making a transaction, Bubba’s Junk Removal focuses on creating lifetime customer relationships built on trust and quality service. Building a lasting company is not about making a dollar. It’s about making a brand. Today, you will see the trucks on the roads of Texas serving customers, shaking hands, hauling junk loads, renting out dumpsters, and creating a culture of satisfied residents with cleaner homes and businesses.

Bubba’s Junk Removal serves Pearland, Houston, Friendswood, Katy, and surrounding areas. Their group of professionals provide removal and hauling services for household junk, office furniture, hot tubs, appliances, mattresses, and more. Contact Bubba’s Junk Removal today at (281) 782-5537 or on the web at

“This story is dedicated to Donna Lowery. Thank you for believing and seeing the value in me. What you showed through your actions carried over to our business because I’ve learned to find value in every job even when it does not seem like it is there on the surface. I wish you could see what we’ve built today. ” ~Bubba

Press Release By Jeff Glass of Alpha Media Group

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Bubba’s Story

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