The Holiday Gift You Forgot About: First Aid Training

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was injured and they needed first aid, but you were unsure what to do?

This holiday season, be prepared for anything! You can take the time to learn how to provide basic emergency care before it’s too late. Learn more about first aid training in this article!

1. What Is First Aid Training?

Of course, the first thing to ask yourself is what exactly does a “first aid” class teach you?

Well, being prepared for any emergency situation will ensure that in case of an accident or injury someone can be helped right away.

A basic understanding of human bodies and how they work help us understand when something has gone wrong. This knowledge gives us the ability to take immediate steps forward until trained professionals can arrive.

First aid training will teach you things like CPR, how to deal with cuts and bruises, choking hazards for children, burns, broken bones that are common among athletes or weekend warriors who want to hit the trail on their mountain bikes or hike up a big hill, and even choking hazards for infants.

Learning basic first aid will give you the confidence to help someone in need, as well as knowing what to do if something were to happen while camping or hiking by yourself!

You can also learn how to control bleeding, using cold packs on sprains and strains until a doctor can see them, treating wounds like bee stings, and even clearing an airway of someone who has stopped breathing.

First aid classes focus on the most common emergencies people face today, making them great for everyone to attend.

2. Why Take a First Aid Course?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to take a first aid class.

One, it can give you the confidence to help someone in need and feel like you’re doing something constructive. Two, if something were to happen while on a camping or hiking trip with friends, family or by yourself, you would know what to do until you can get help.

Or three, it could be something that makes sense for your career or industry to attend a first aid class. For instance, if someone were arrested and injured while in handcuffs on the way to jail, having this knowledge would allow you to take immediate steps forward instead of waiting on medical professionals who may not arrive for some time.

Additionally, if you work around children or infants, knowing how to deal with choking hazards makes sense for your career and the safety of those who are involved in your care. Knowing CPR can make a huge difference until medical professionals arrive at the scene as well!

3. Who Should Be Involved in the Decision to Take a First Aid Course?

The best person to make the decision about whether or not you should take a first aid class is yourself.

While your family and friends might be able to give you some good insight into why taking this type of course could benefit you, ultimately it’s up to what makes sense for your career and how confident you feel that having access to this information is important.

If you are new to the job or career field, taking a first aid class might make more sense than someone who has worked in this industry for years because they have already had access to guidance through their profession and may not need an additional certification on file.

Wherever your situation falls, having basic knowledge of how to help someone in need can benefit you and those around you.

Taking a first aid course is not only beneficial for your career, but it provides the opportunity to learn more about human anatomy as well!

4. How Often Do I Need to Update My Skillset?

Just like any other skill you may have, first aid requires periodic updates to ensure that the information is fresh in your mind and that you are still able to confidently help someone in need.

How often you should update your skillset really depends on how frequently you use them and how long it’s been since your last training course.

Typically first aid classes are recommended every two years, but if you’re someone who takes a class and then doesn’t use the information on a regular basis, taking one sooner is always an option as well.

Updating your skillset will ensure that you still feel confident in what you’ve learned and can apply it to any situation!

5. How Can I Find Courses Near Me?

If you’re looking for a first aid course, the best way to find one is by doing a quick online search. This will bring up results from both private and public institutions that offer this type of training. You can also check with your local Red Cross chapter or another community-based organization that provides these types of courses.

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