The Man Behind The Junk

odds & ends junk removal

Anyone with an idea can start their own business. Some people start many businesses. But only the ones willing to take a risk, put in the work, and take a leap of faith are successful.

Today Paul Lindahl, owner of Odds & Ends Junk Removal, runs a successful junk hauling business. He services clients in several sectors of the community like assisted living facilities, commercial industries, property management, and residential clients.

He didn’t plan to haul junk when he started out 7 years ago. Back then he was an expert in lawn care and landscaping with an eye for detail and design. However, as with most jobs, there comes a time to move on and he did just that.

He formed a team and started a business moving furniture. Some days it would just be a good day’s work helping get people’s furniture to where it needed to be. On occasion, someone would have leftover junk they weren’t taking with them and they would ask Paul if he could take that too. Being naturally friendly, he would help take it off their hands.

As time went on, he noticed more people were asking for help getting rid of the stuff they no longer wanted or needed. He saw a need and an opportunity and moved into the junk hauling business.

Now he helps people haul away the junk left after a good attic or basement cleaning. He works with property managers to clean out the junk tenants left behind when they moved or were evicted. Sometimes he does the hard job of cleaning behind someone who passed away in an assisted living facility or at home. His compassion for the family and respect for their belongings doesn’t go unnoticed.

In fact, Paul’s compassion for people is why he donates whatever he can. He has space available to store some of the items that are still usable, so he can donate them to families in need and charitable organizations. He may come across an individual in need of a warm jacket and offers that person a jacket.

When a job is booked, Paul makes sure that he rolls up to the site with his team. He is on-site for every job, every time. He personally greets people and answers any questions they may have, while steadily helping to get the job done.

His services are also eco-friendly. Whatever he can’t donate gets recycled, and only the junk left afterward is hauled off to the landfill.

Being in business for yourself means you work hard to build something bigger, something better, and something no one else can do quite the way you do it. That is what Paul did.

He’d be happy to help you out too. Just give him a call and see what he can do for you or visit his website at:


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