Top Mistakes Made When Cleaning Carpets

Whether it’s the home, the floors, carpets, residents often want their space cleaned immediately. It’s a temptation or often a natural inclination to assume the labor responsibility to get it done. After all, it’s just another household chore, so what could go wrong? Let’s be clear; there are plenty of mistakes that can happen when cleaning carpets or any type of flooring. With carpet, it’s a fabric, an intricate weave of threads meant to stay together and support the constant daily force put on it by feet and paws from our furry friends. Cleaning floors and foot traffic fabric is more involved than cleaning clothes or other types of material. It takes a steady hand backed by practice and skill to restore the carpet without damaging it. Here is a list of potential mistakes that are common when people take their carpets into their own hands.


Not Responding at the Right Time

When a spill results in a stain, the worst thing to do is wait or scrub it profusely. It needs to be addressed immediately by a professional cleaner to control the damage. If a staining substance hits the carpet, it will soak into the fabric rapidly and stick on the insides of the weave. At that point, only a high-power machine can get the substance out and restore it back to normal condition. One step that is often positive in the DIY time frame while waiting to have the work completed is to apply a bit of soap and warm water. 


Utilizing an Excessive Amount of Cleaner

It is suggested to scrub until there are more bubbles than water. But then what does all the rest of the product even do for you? If too much cleaner is applied, it might clean what isn’t there and get into the already clean carpet. Done incorrectly, this can dry out and cause damage to the fabric, weakening it overall. Only use recommended amounts and trust that the number of bubbles produced will get the job done. The best solution is to seek advice from a professional via phone if there is an urgency to address the stain. 


Applying Too Much Scrubbing

Going full power on a stain is not always a wise approach; more effort does not necessarily equal more results. If a towel or some type of fabric is not up to the strength being applied to it, tears can happen. At times, tears can even happen to the carpet. 


Utilizing the Wrong Items 

Clean is clean, right? If it cleans dishes, it should be able to clean a carpet, right? This is a common mistake. What about laundry detergent? Same problem. Specific problems require specific solutions. Lathering up a rag with body soap will leave a grimy, waxy film on the carpet without actually getting it clean. Rely only on carpet cleaning products as they are manufactured with formulas that work with the tight fabric of carpets. Different carpets may require different kinds of cleaners. 


 Renting Low-Quality Equipment

This is not necessarily the fault of the resident or homeowner, but sometimes when a job is too big for hand scrubbing, people will turn to the more industrialized solutions and rent a carpet cleaning device. At the best of times, those will work and take care of small problems. However, the equipment can be faulty or not perform adequately. The instructions for assembly and use can be confusing and lead to errors. Luckily, professionals who are experienced in dealing with those issues will know just how to use them and fix problems before they even take place. 


Not Seeking Assistance from a Professional Service Company 

Mistakes happen. However, we have the opportunity to learn the life lessons of mistakes from others. We do not have to repeat many of the same ones. For all of your carpet, floor cleaning, and restoration services, contact DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration today at (703) 520-5060. Or on the web at Technicians and professional office staff are standing by to take your questions, help you address any problems with stains and be available for service for your next project.

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