Types Of Junk Removal Services You May Need In The Property Management Business

Running multiple properties or owning a rental property can be stressful when it comes
to maintenance and balancing your time. It is important to keep in mind that there is
help available for things like property clean-outs, eviction clean-outs, and property
maintenance. Here at Bubba’s Junk Removal, we are partnered with the Houston
Apartment Association to bring property managers and property owners the best service

So, if you are in the property management industry, keep reading ahead to check out
what types of junk removal services you can benefit from:

Eviction Clean Outs
Having a tenant being evicted on a whim is hard for all parties involved. The main issue
you may run into is the cleanup and removal of items left behind. The evicted tenant
might leave a mess that you don’t have time to clean up, but a junk removal company
will handle that task so you can get back to work and your units rented quicker!

Yard Clean Up
Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the debris that has built up on your property
over time? If you have a tenant requesting a cleanup or you are trying to get your
property ready before a move in, we also offer yard cleaning services. We will haul
away any clutter, debris, trees, and much more!

Furniture and Appliance Removal
Keeping up on upgrades in your home will maintain the property’s value and make the
rental more attractive to potential tenants. With that being said, upgrading isn’t as simple
as buying a new refrigerator or couch. There are many steps involved, such as
removing the old item properly and knowing how to dispose of it without harming the
environment. At Bubba’s Junk Removal, we always take the proper precautions when
hauling away old furniture or appliances. All you have to think about is how great your
new piece of furniture or appliance will look in your home!

Construction Debris & Scrap Metal Removal
If you are remodeling or renovating your property, the mess of construction debris is
inevitable. The time you would spend cleaning up all of the debris is taking away from
getting that unit or property rented out quickly! We also know about the hassle of
discarding scrap metal, but we will properly dispose of any scrap metal, so you don’t
have to stress about disposing of it. When you are done with your renovations, Bubba’s
Junk Removal will come in and make sure the whole space is cleaned out so you can
list it sooner.

Being a property manager is very rewarding and even better when you have help along
the way! If you want to learn more about our services, give us a call at 281-782-5537 or visit our site www.BubbasJunkRemoval.com

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