Warming Up Before Your Workout

Before working out, the warmup is essential for avoiding things like pulled muscles and injuries, improving your workout’s benefits. If you are new to working out or need some new ideas for your warmup routine, keep reading!

Stretch Those Legs

Stretching your muscles before working out is essential, no matter what type of activity you are doing. Some stretches include the child’s pose, seated spinal twist, calve and thigh stretches, and some yoga poses are great for warming up. Stretching will prevent you from straining your muscles, and it will get the muscles working, so you are ready for your workout.

Cardio Warmup

If you are a runner, you may already know that you shouldn’t jump straight into a long run before warming up. These cardio warmups don’t have to be extensive, but they are still important. Running in place, taking a brief walk beforehand, or doing jumping jacks will get your heart pumping and prepared for your next jog. It is also important to stretch your muscles beforehand, so follow the stretches listed above before beginning your cardio warmup.

Food & Drinks Before A Workout

Stretching and cardio are important prior to a workout, but what you consume is just as essential to making sure your workout is successful. Try not to eat a heavy meal beforehand – light snacks like a banana or a smoothie will give you enough energy to complete your workout without making you sick. When it comes to drinks, avoid sugary or heavy drinks. It would help if you also stayed away from too much water, save that for after your workout. Surprisingly, coffee is a great thing to drink before you head out to the gym. This will give you a burst of energy and tell your body to burn more fat during your workout.


As stated previously, yoga is a great tool when it comes to warming up your body. Yoga is beneficial to the mind and body and will ultimately benefit your workouts. Whether you do a short yoga session before your workout or do a yoga class as your workout, it will prepare your body to grow and strengthen. Try joining a yoga class with a friend, or look up some videos online to see some simple poses to start.

Talk To A Personal Trainer Or Gym Member

Reaching out to someone who has been working out for a long time will give you the benefit of learning more about the benefits of warming up. Try going to the gym and finding someone trusted who can advise on the types of workouts and warmups that will benefit your body. Joining a gym or finding a workout partner will help with learning your style, and it will also keep you accountable in your workout journey.

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