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A lot of people are unaware that certain waste products can’t be disposed of along with the rest of the trash. Not only can it hurt the environment or the workers, but homeowners can also be charged a fine for throwing hazardous and banned waste away.

If you’re not sure how to dispose of any of these items, a junk removal company would be able to do that for you.

First, what exactly can’t you throw away?


  • Tubes and fluorescent lamps – This includes sodium vapor lamps
  • Electronic devices- If it ever needed electricity or a charger, it’s a no
  • Batteries- All the letters, all the volts, no on batteries
  • Computer/TV monitors- Including that plasma screen

Products containing Mercury

  • Electrical switches and relays- Can be found in products such as the clothes iron or silent light switches
  • Thermostats that contain Mercury- sealed behind glass in the old style thermostats, not the newer electronic kind
  • Pilot light sensors- these switches can be found in some appliances such as gas stoves and clothes dryers
  • Mercury gauges- This includes barometers, blood pressure gauges, and manometers
  • Mercury thermometers- Well maybe it’s time to take your temperature with something electronic that does not contain mercury
  • Mercury added novelties- Those annoying singing cards actually contain mercury and should not be thrown away

Household and landscape chemicals

  • Poisons or flammables- explosive materials should be kept out of your trash can
  • Acids, oxidizers, and bases- This may include the chemicals you use in your pool
  • Pesticides and herbicides- Before you throw it out, check the product label for information

Paints and solvents

  • Latex paint- It may not smell great but it can’t go in the trash
  • Oil-based paint- Which is also flammable
  • Nonempty aerosol paint or solvents- This includes ALL nonempty aerosol cans
  • Solvents- That old nail polish remover and paint thinner can’t keep your other garbage company

Building materials

  • Asbestos- This hazardous material can be found in old home ceilings
  • Treated wood- This is wood with chemicals on it to increase its durability

Automobile related

  • Antifreeze- Ok in the car, not ok in the trash
  • Batteries- Just like all the batteries, the ones that were made for cars also do not belong in the garbage
  • Motor oil and filters- Change them at your house but don’t dispose of them there
  • Tires- Recycled tires are used to help build playgrounds. Help the children play, don’t throw those tires away


  • Compressed gas cylinders- Such as the propane that you use to grill
  • Needles and sharps- There should be a special sharps container used to dispose of needles and sharps used in home health care
  • PCB containing materials- Includes some ballasts and paints, refer to the product label for more information
  • Photowaste- This mainly is referring to silver-bearing

Throwing away the things you don’t want anymore isn’t a matter of tossing them into the trash for the garbage man to pick up. If properly disposing of materials that are not trash can friendly is a problem, we have a solution.

We are a junk hauling company that will come out and dispose of your waste properly. We recycle and repurpose anything we can and the rest we take to a proper landfill.

If you’ve never used a service to get rid of your old unwanted junk, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Give us a call, then you point and we load!

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