What are We Gonna Do With All That Junk?

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You’ve cleaned out that storage closet in the hallway, did a run-through of the kitchen and even tackled cleaning out the garage. Now you have a nice size pile of items that you don’t know what to do with. Some of those items you have only used once or twice. You don’t want to throw them away and loading them up into the car to donate them yourself is a pain. A garage sale is way too much work. What options are you left with? 

Consider a junk hauling service. The cost is minimal and it’s non-labor intensive for you.  When you use a junk hauling service it’s a good idea to ask a few questions. Where do they take your stuff? Does it all go into a dump or is it donated? Can you do it yourself? What are you even allowed to throw away? 

All of these questions can be answered by hiring a junk hauling service. Call us. We will answer them for you, or read on to find out more. 


There are different types of landfills for different types of junk. 

Subtitle D landfills are for non-hazardous household garbage. Examples of this would include:

  • Municipal solid waste – For common household trash that isn’t hazardous 
  • Bioreactor landfill – This type of fill is designed to rapidly degrade organic trash.
  • Industrial waste – This is where the collection of small cities and some organization’s trash accumulates.
  • Construction and demolition landfill – This one is self-explanatory, it’s where the debris and material that are used in construction are disposed of.

Subtitle C landfills are for the more hazardous and toxic waste such as:

  • Hazardous waste landfills – Not for solid waste, this is where the most hazardous items can be disposed of properly.
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyl – These landfills are regulated by the toxic substances act. This would include chemicals and other toxic substances like asbestos. 

The landfills are for the items and waste that cannot be reused or recycled or repurposed. A good junk hauling service will try to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible. 


Sometimes, there are items that you do not want or have use for anymore. If these items are in good condition, It would be our pleasure to donate them to those who are less fortunate and are in need. 

Televisions, computers, furniture, books, shoes, and clothing are just a few items that could help people who need them. 

We take the time to sort what we pick up and donate usable items to places such as the Salvation Army which is a non-profit organization that helps feed, clothe and otherwise help people who need a hand. 

Goodwill is another charitable organization that takes new and gently used items. They work to break the cycle of poverty and make an effort to help people in poverty or homeless. 

Other organizations include children’s homes, halfway homes, women’s shelters and any other person or organization that could get use from the items.

Recycling Centers 

Recycling centers basically take old products and packaging and turn it into new products and packaging. Things like cardboard boxes, paper, Amazon shipping boxes and greeting cards all go to be recycled. 

So many products can be recycled and kept out of our landfills if time is taken to sort the items. 

A good junk hauling service will be eco-friendly and care about the environment. Dumping illegally on the side of the road would be just as unfathomable as taking an unsorted load to the landfill. 

So what happens to all the junk you’ve decided to get rid of? If you’ve found the right hauling service, that junk really does become another man’s treasure or a new bottle for shampoo or your next pickle jar.

Choose wisely and if you are in our area give us a call! We’ll get your items where they are best used. 

Call 281-782-5537 or visit our website – https/bubbasjunkremoval.com

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