What Do Junk Removal Companies Do With The Junk?

Junk removal companies are a helpful service that will come and remove all the junk from someone’s  home. But what do they do with it? This article will teach the answer and some other important information about this type of business.

Before junk removal companies remove the junk, they show up and give the homeowner a free estimate. This is very important because they will charge based on the space the junk takes up in their truck. They do this by measuring how many cubic feet it will take to carry everything away. Once they have given a quote, then it is time to make an appointment.

After they make the appointment, it is time for them to come and remove the junk. This can take a few hours, depending on how much stuff someone has. Once everything has been loaded up into their truck, they will drive away and dispose of that junk properly.

What Happens To The Junk Once It Has Been Hauled?


The main thing that junk removal companies do with the items they collect is recycled or reused. They can either take the junk to a recycling center where it will be broken down and turned into new materials or sell it to a company that might use it for something else. When they go onto websites like Craigslist, some may notice that people are always selling things like old TVs, computers, and other electronics for cheap. Junk removal companies will often buy these items from homeowners so they can reuse or recycle them themselves.


There are some items that junk removal companies aren’t able to recycle or resell, such as old clothes. In these cases, they will donate the item to a charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army, where people can pick up and buy them for cheap. This is another excellent way of getting rid of things someone may not need while also giving back to their community.


When items cannot be recycled, reused, or donated, Junk Haulers will usually take the items to the landfill as a last resort. Therefore, finding a junk removal company that is all about keeping the junk out of landfills as much as possible is always the top priority when looking for a company. Companies like Rainier Junk Removal in Tacoma, WA, do their best to keep Washington and their service cities green and clean.

Looking for a junk removal company that keeps the community in mind? Reach out to Rainier Junk Removal, where recycling and donating items are a top priority. Rainier Junk Removal has worked with non-profit groups such as Saint Vincent De Paul in Tacoma, WA. Saint Vincent De Paul is a group that is dedicated to helping the homeless and people in need. Rainier Junk Removal works closely with them to ensure they have what they need when it comes time for a big clean-up project or donation drop-off.

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