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At Certain Pay, we not only want to process your credit cards, we want to take it 5 steps further. Read closely to see exactly how we can help your business in these 5 key areas.

  • Online Ordering

Dining Performance Group, a business born out of necessity. During the pandemic we noticed our beloved restaurants slowing down and being in danger of going out of business. Adam, one of the founders at Certain Pay, came up with an online ordering platform that enabled many restaurants to pivot and stay in business. Using this state of the art online ordering platform, these restaurants were able to keep serving food to their hungry customers.

Here are a few examples: http://luxecleveland.com/


  • Certain Pay Funding 

Yet another business born out of necessity. Helping our clients with credit card processing is very ‘hands on’.. We get the chance to learn a lot about your business and what makes it tick. It’s no secret that most businesses need a healthy flow of working capital to keep their business running properly. We fully understand this and want to help guide you to the best options out there.

Please set up a call with one of our lending experts here: https://calendly.com/fundingteam/certainpay

  • Certain Sites 

Do you need a simple website to be built at an affordable price? Certain Sites has a team of website builders ready to go to work for you. We have a fully customizable integration with 3D shopping cart and Certain Pay. Getting your website built by us sets you up for success by having your merchant processing already built in.

  • Rate Tracker

Rate tracker is a state of the art app that helps you track the effective rate that you are paying on your credit card processing every month. No more games or funny stuff when you have Rate Tracker in your back pocket. This app will level the playing field and force other credit card processors to “play nice”.

Check out our video on youtube: https://youtu.be/brRVKhz77LU

  • Affiliate Program

Things just keep getting better at Certain Pay! We have an affiliate program where we teach you how to make residual income by simply referring Certain Pay to your friends and business colleagues. Join our partners who are already earning thousands of dollars per month. We have a weekly training program that provides email scripts, best ways to refer and even help to put Certain Pay on your website as a preferred partner.

Use this link if you would like to refer Certain Pay to your friends: https://certainpay.pages.ontraport.net/referral

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