What To Do When Your Deck Can’t Hold Up

Do you have a deck that is looking worse year after year? Or maybe your deck is just not as sturdy as it used to be and needs some help. In any case, there are many things you can do to keep the structure from falling apart or becoming unusable. This blog post will cover six helpful tips that will improve your outdoor structures!

1. Use Deck Posts to Support the Deck

Adding deck posts to the ground on both sides of your deck will help make it more sturdy and prevent structure failure. This is especially important if you have a smaller space that needs support in order for the beam or ledger board to be effective.

2. Add a Ledger Board or Load-Bearing Beam to Provide More Stability

Adding a ledger board or load-bearing beam to the bottom of your deck will provide much needed support. The structure that is already in place should be able to hold it easily if you are doing this correctly.

Deck posts, ledgers boards, and bolt installation are all useful ways to help keep decks strong! It’s important to stay on top of maintenance!

Most decks do not need a load-bearing beam. If you are unsure, consult an expert for help!

3. Anchor the Deck in Place with Screws, Bolts, and Nails

Screws, bolts and nails can be used to attach the decking boards together. This will make it easier for you to take the pressure of certain parts of your structure and distribute it appropriately throughout all parts.

This is also a great option if you are working with smaller decks that need more support from below in order to keep the structure together.

Screws, bolts and nails are all great ways to attach parts of your deck!

If you have a larger space with many angles, this may not be the best option for you. Consult an expert if you need help installing screws or nails on complex surfaces or shapes!

4. Install Pressure Treated Wood for Longer Lasting Outdoor Structures

Installing pressure treated wood is a great way to make your deck last longer and stand up better. This type of wood has been specially formulated to be more durable than normal lumber, so it will hold the structure together much better!

Pressure treated boards are an excellent choice if you need something that can handle heavy loads or extreme weather conditions.

This is a great option if you live in areas that have harsh weather or strong winds! Consult an expert to make sure it’s right for your deck and space.

Pressure treated wood will improve the strength of your structures over time! It can be very helpful with larger decks as well, depending on what kind of environment they are in!

5. Build Up Your Deck with Boards That Are at Least 1×6 Inches in Size

Building up your deck with boards that are at least one inch thick is a great way to make it last longer. This will prevent water damage and even termites from being able to do too much harm, so you can have peace of mind knowing the structure of your space is safe!

This option may not be right for all spaces, depending on what kind of environment they are in!

If you have a smaller deck, it may be easier to tackle the problem head-on by replacing boards as necessary.

6. Replace Any Damaged Parts of the Existing Structure Before It Gets Worse

If you have a deck that has been damaged, it is important to replace the parts as soon as possible before they become unusable. Doing this will keep your space safe and prevent further damage from happening!

If you’re deck is past the point of repair and needs to be demolished, call a junk removal company to help pick up the pieces! Here at RPS Junk Removal, we offer construction debris cleanup services for homeowners. Give us a call today at 410-999-4827 or visit our website www.RPSjunk.com

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