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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on such platforms as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck-Duck-Go is essential for organic ranking. At Alpha Media Group, our SIGMA SEO program ranks clients everywhere utilizing A.I. software and algorithms creating maximum on-site visibility. Ranking #1 on Google, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is only part of the SEO system; our strategies for our clients not only have them dominating on the top of Google but several placements on the first page and other platforms.

Website Design

AMG’s team of graphic designers, web developers and content creators work hand in hand to deliver SEO optimized, high quality professional websites. From visually engaging informational websites to fully functional e-commerce sites, AMG’s website services will build and enrich your online branding. We teach and implement the ABCs of website design. A is for Aesthetics (what your clients see), B is for Backend (what Google and other search engines deem important for ranking), C is for Compliance (see sections on ADA and GDPR).

Logos & Graphic Design

Alpha Media Group's team of graphic designers, artists, and content creators works with top-of-the-line software to deliver SEO-optimized, high-quality professional logos, and designs for your business. Our team creates graphics that enrich online brands in several companies, from visually engaging informational websites to digital flyers with online ad copy, banners, and graphics that can be easily sent to your printing service of choice. 

Speed Optimization

Google does not rank websites. Their artificial intelligence bots crawl the internet rank web pages. Loading time for each page is an essential factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and client experience. Users are more likely to stay on a website page and make a purchase or book an appointment with a fast load speed, simple-to-use navigation, and straightforward call to action (CTAs). Our tech team provides monthly speed optimization reports to each one of our clients. 

Google ADS

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management is part of our services and a powerful tool to help your business start getting valuable clients today. We set up each campaign following algorithms created by our tech team to rank at the top of Google while measuring traffic and conversions. Our clients receive monthly reports while retaining full access to view their Ads campaign at any time. Cost-per-click or CPC can range for each niche and targeted keyword. We offer defense software for each Google Ads campaign under management to mitigate unnecessary clicks from bots and competitors. 

Social Media Management

Today, content is king, and social media drives Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and leverages online branding. At Alpha Media, our social media specialists establish the appropriate channels for your business to create a comprehensive calendar for posts and manage responses. We provide consistent posts and engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Twitter. Our social media and SEO packages include the management of Google My Business, also known as the Map Pack. We optimize ranking, create content and post regular photos to appeal to Google and your client avatar.

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Alpha Media Group customizes logos for several industries. Utilizing a custom color and theme, we will develop a unique signature brand that will allow you to stand out in your industry. A well-designed logo helps convey that you care about your image and how you run your business. This approach to visually branding your business translates to the consumer that you will also treat them or their projects in the same fashion. Our skilled designers and marketing team have decades of experience in creating the best logos for any industry. Click the button below, and you can view our gallery to see many additional logo samples.

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Alpha Media Group is a growing network of experienced graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, Google Ads managers & digital marketing professionals focused on building the highest-ranking, most visible brands in various industries. Branding is the difference between you looking for clients and clients looking for you. Build a Brand, Create a Culture of clients that share their experiences with others.


Storytelling through written content and video, executed correctly, are compelling ways to brand your company and reach your client avatar. Video is an indispensable part of any professional business online marketing plan. Consumers are consistently using the internet to search for reputable businesses first and foremost.

As a business owner in 2021, most service, product-based, business coaching, SAAS, and even brick and mortar companies have a large portion of their target market online. While the average prospect spends a mere 48 seconds on a website, that time is increased to a full 5 minutes and 50 seconds when the website includes relevant video.

Clients we serve include software companies, restaurants, medical certification centers, health clubs, real estate, contractors, maintenance businesses and more. 

Completed Website Projects by Alpha Media Group

Website designs have evolved into branding and lead generation data machines with search engine optimization (SEO) as the cornerstone to the build-out of each page. Creating brand authority on such search engines as Google is essential to stand out in a population of over one billion websites. AMG designs and creates content for location pages, service sections, and call-to-action features with the client avatar and ongoing, algorithm updates at the top of mind.