Alpha Media Group is an innovative digital marketing agency putting today’s most powerful technology to work for our clients.

AMG Has Created A Variety Of Marketing Packages That Help Busy Business Owners And Marketing Directors Quickly Implement A Digital Campaign. We Also Offer Customized Solutions For Small To Large Companies To Ensure Your Marketing Dollars Produce The Best ROI Possible.

Website Design

Website Design

AMG’s team of graphic designers, web developers and content creators work hand in hand to deliver SEO optimized, high quality professional websites. From visually engaging informational websites to fully functional e-commerce sites, AMG’s website services will build and enrich your online branding.

Video Curation

Video Curation

A majority of clients consume business information through videos. Are you utilizing Video to explain your services or build your brand? We create scripts, video, editing and provide on going management to help you build your brand.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels

Filling your sales pipeline today helps ensure tomorrow’s success. AMG not only creates sales funnels with qualified prospects, but we design programs to produce the highest conversion rate possible and drive the most value from your online traffic.

Ad Campaigns

Ad Campaigns

Using our AI machine learning software, we offer well structured. targeted and measured ad campaigns that give you the unfair advantage of being in front of your target audience. While we run your ads and find your clients you run your business.

Social Media Management

Social Media

We specialize in social media management. Today, content is king and SEO is driven by social media. At AMG, our social media specialists will establish the appropriate channels for your business, create a comprehensive calendar for posts and manage responses. The goal of any social media program is to enhance customer engagement and that’s exactly what AMG delivers.

Blogging & Articles


AMG will help build your brand through one of the oldest forms of communication, the written word, or what we call blogging. This is an effective method to address current events relevant to your industry, discuss new products and offer insights regarding product use. Blogs also offer a unique opportunity to develop your brand’s “personality” through a voice unique to your company. Blogs are also an excellent tool to build your SEO.


Custom Logo Development

Alpha Media Group will customize a new logo towards the industry that you are in. Utilizing a custom color and theme we will develop a unique signature brand that will allow you to stand out in your industry. A well designed logo helps convey you care about your image and how you run your business, this translates to the consumer that you will also treat them or their projects in the same fashion. Our skilled designers and marketing team have decades of experience in creating the best logos for any industry. The button below will take you to our gallery where you can see many additional logo samples or call us were are always happy to answer any of your questions.


Over 50% of online traffic is generated though mobile devices so we make sure all of our work for marketing and design is fully mobile/tablet friendly so you get the highest conversions and your customers get the best experience.


Find out how Alpha Media Group will give you the unfair advantage in your market!

Video is an indispensable part of any professional business online marketing plan. Consumers are constantly using the internet to search for reputable businesses first and foremost.

As a business owner your target market is online. While the average prospect spends a mere 48 seconds on a website, that time is increased to a full 5 minutes and 50 seconds when the website includes relevant video.

AMG produces and showcases your business via video to potential customers. We provide various packages that include photography, videography, production services, as well as professionally licensed and certified drone experts.

Some Of Our Recent Projects

These Samples Include Custom Designed Logos And Social Media Banners & Avatars.


Matt Beasley

Owner at Aloha Junk Man

Jeff and his team at Alpha Media group have blown my mind!!! We hired him to help us with our website and market on our social media pages. I expected basic service that would generate business overtime, but they have done way more than that. By choosing Alpha Media Group, I didn’t just gain a new marketing company, I gained a step by step coach and most importantly a friend. His weekly coaching calls have been a game changer for us. Jeff and his team have been able to explain the ins and outs of what they do and what they project for the future, so much so that we may not even need them down the road bc we could do it ourselves. But I will find some way to keep him on our team bc he isn’t just a marketer to me, he has become a part of our family. I would and have recommended him to anyone and everyone!!! Thank you Jeff and team!!!


Paul Klemm

Owner of ReHaul

AMG has been the stress-free, cost efficient solution for gaining leads, building our brand, and meeting compliance requirements. I recommend AMG for their innovative team that has consistently been quick to respond to my needs, keeping my website updated with rich key words. I am also grateful for Jeff Glass. He is an expert in his field, and has been faithful to ReHaul and to my journey in business. Within the first year being supplied with a beautiful website, we gained traction and measurable growth. Every call received saying “we found you over your website” was a done deal. By year 3, Rehaul built up regular and seasoned clients with property managers/ owners, realtors, and others, dominating our area. I no longer find the need for Home Advisor and Google Ads. AMG and Glass have provided me the tools and services to help me enjoy what I do and focus on what matters most. Thank you guys.


Kevin Leipsic

Founder At Chamber Resource Group

As a small business owner, I have worked with and have hired several so-called digital marketing experts. All who claim to be the best at what they do and all boasting they are unique and special. The reality. They are Not special and they are Not unique. That experience comply changed when I met Jeff Glass and started working with him team of marketing professionals and graffiti gurus. If you appropriate great communication, fair market prices and working with pros that are the best in class, then stop looking around and do yourself a favor and hire the AMG team. You will be glad you did!


Jason Jokerst

Business Partner at BBSI

I have had the pleasure of being able to say I worked with Jeff under his leadership and beside his authority on several projects. Jeff has a passion and mind for business and all of its accolades including strategy and vision. He has a fierce ability to identify opportunities and design specific management policies that optimizes resource allocation. He has a gift with people and uplifting attitude that affects anyone in his working environment. His ability to encourage, coach, and build employees is incredible. I have reveled in the results and seen the best in others from his leadership. My working relationship with Jeff has been one of the best and most rewarding experiencing of my life.


James Dean Dempsey

Sales Coach at Service Centered Sales

Integrity, trust, transparency are three words that immediately come to mind when thinking of Jeff and the core values that shine through in everything he does. With the service centered attitude of changing and impacting lives, working with Jeff to provide digital marketing services and compliance updates for website owners was refreshing with his business model of teaching, and providing massive useable value up front. AlphaMedia-Group is ahead of the curve, thanks to Jeff's ability to "look where the puck is going". ⚡🙏🏼


Kathleen Ash

Founder/Innkeeper at Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast, Inc.

Jeff Glass has been a great friend of ours for years. He has such integrity and is a born leader. Jeff has helped turn around our business and we are growing by leaps and bounds. He really has a talent for inspiring people and creating that big picture mentality that we all need to be successful at what we do. I`ve always said that everything he touches turns to Gold !


Ashley Kelly

Senior Managerial Consultant at Kaiser Permanente

Jeff is an inspirational leader. He is outgoing, reliable and trustworthy. When I reflect on Innovation theory, Jeff is the first person who comes to mind. His ability to problem solve and make things happen is truly unmatched.


Marshall Lowy

Co-Founder at Certain Pay

I recently worked with Jeff on a strategy for our digital marketing and branding. Honestly, I was blown away at how in depth he was in really discovering who we are as people and who we are as a company. Our mission and core values match up perfectly and we could not be happier to work with Jeff in the long term to build something truly great.


Bobby Gonzalez

Owner At Junk Bandit Hauling

Jeff and his team at Alpha Media Group are the Gold Standard in Digital Marketing. After having worked with other firms in the past, I was on the hunt for a top notch service to get my business firing on all cylinders. In my search I was introduced to Jeff by multiple referrals, and his knowledge in all areas (SEO, Social Media, Brand Marketing to name a few) is second to none. My business is thriving because of the time and tactics Jeff has directed me to implement, saving me literally years of trial and error! On a side-note, while the goal is to help business owners succeed, my personal opinion is that Jeff has a sincere drive to help EVERYBODY succeed!

Ben Bautista

Owner Of Scrap Monkey

Jeff and his team at Alpha Media Group have been amazing to work with. After speaking with Jeff for the first time, I knew I needed to hire him to help me grow my business. Jeff has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurship and digital marketing. I've learned a lot from Jeff in the short amount of time and I'm excited to learn much more from him as I continue to grow my business. I highly recommend Jeff and AMG!!!!


Tina Nail

Owner Of Nailed It Business Solutions

Jeff is a joy to work with. He keeps apologizing for his brutal honesty but for me it is refreshing. As a business owner with more work than time I find it refreshing. When Jeff takes you on as a client he gives you all he puts his entire team to work for you and they all give you 100%. He works with you where you are and leads you towards your goals without making you feel pressured. He takes your vision and makes it better. Thank you Jeff.


Myree Townsend

Owner of Image Just For You

From the first moment I met Jeff, I instantly felt a connection. We share a similar passion for helping others to succeed. Jeff is a very accomplished writer and speaker, motivating and encouraging men, women and our youth to recognize what they are passionate about and to go after it as young entrepreneurs. Educating on how to start a business and the benefits and draw backs of becoming “Your Own Boss”. His focus on STEM education is extremely beneficial to the youth he is working with and helping them navigate this ever growing field. Jeff’s compassion for others success is contagious! It is my pleasure and honor to call Jeff Glass a colleague and friend.

AVATARtest template2

Priya Ahlawat

Education Innovation Collaborative

Jeff Glass and I met through a common interest regarding education innovation and children at -risk about 4 years ago. Since then I have met and interacted with him a few times and also had the opportunity of observing him in his interactions with his peers and with youth who are at-risk and from the juvenile delinquent system, at his invitation. What strikes me most about him is his genuine desire to look inward, a hunger to learn and a courage to show his vulnerability so he can better understand and help this cross section of young adults who are so desperately in need of mentorship and support. Some of his own journey is also reflected in one of the books he wrote which I had the pleasure of reading and supporting!

AVATARtest template2

Anthony Longo

CEO/Founder R.E.V. Productions

Jeff is not only extremely dedicated to being an amazing dad, husband, and friend. His business practices and principles are unmatched in his craft in the digital marketing space. I recommend his services to anyone looking to deal with someone who genuinely cares and is hyper focused on bringing value to their business and life.

AVATARtest template3

Timothy Morgan

CEO/Founder Giver Marketing

Jeff is a starter, educator and sees what is possible with an action-based approach to business growth. His team is fun to work with and innovative to the core. If you want results, give him a shot at helping.

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