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AMG offers the following services to our clients:  Website Design, Logos/Graphic Designs, Speed Optimization, Social Media Management, Technical Support, Secure Web Hosting, ADA/GDPR Compliance, Blogging, Press Releases, Email Marketing Campaigns, Sales Funnels & Comprehensive Online Brand Development.


Alpha Media Group's team of graphic designers, web developers, and content creators work hand in hand to deliver and high-quality, professional websites. Our website services will build and enrich your online branding, creating engaging traffic to your website from visually informational websites to fully functional e-commerce sites.


Here at Alpha Media Group, we not only create sales funnels with qualified prospects, but we also design programs to produce the highest conversion rate possible to drive the most value from your online traffic. We use softwares such as Click Funnels and custom-designed funnel pages and share measurable tracking of your funnel performance.


Alpha Media Group's social media specialists will establish the appropriate social media channels for your business, create comprehensive content, graphics, photos, and videos for posts. We manage accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, YouTube, and as an added service, we also manage posts on Google My Business (The Map Pack).


Compliance is an essential part of web design. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that users access plug-in tools on each website to aid the hearing and visually impaired. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law that has impacted the culture in the United States when it comes to data protection for those using the internet and websites to search for information. Ask someone from our team to find out which level of compliance is required for your state.


Alpha Media Group specializes in content creations. Blogging is excellent for branding, and online visibility. Our hybrid blogging system brings together A.I. technology and top copywriters to create engaging content with your client avatar. We offer press releases and email campaigns with original copy for local, national, and international brands.


Secure Web Hosting Matters! When it comes to speed optimization and protecting your intellectual property online, Alpha Media Group puts systems and procedures in place to make sure you stay online, and your website (URL), blogs, and location pages are available in search engines. Connect directly with tech support at Alpha Media Group to learn how you can best protect your assets and safely transfer to our hosting.


Alpha Media Group's graphic design team specializes in creating online artwork and photos that best represent your business's brand. As part of your branding and marketing program, you get to work directly with a designer from our team to create your next online digital product, from digital flyers with QR codes to logo and banner development for your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Tik Tok.

Alpha Media Group Testimonials

Website Client Testimonial

Samantha Lowe

"Jeff Glass is as authentic as one gets--in business or casual settings alike. It is a treat and a privilege to work with someone with such an honest motivation to help those around him. Wherever he travels, communities in which he plants himself are bettered by his presence. Jeff never seems to pause in his focused, deliberate work; yet, he always seems to have time to handle all of the minute details in his and everyone else's busy schedules. To work with Jeff is an opportunity to experience an exceptionally passionate entrepreneur, a truly excellent businessperson, a remarkably good individual."

Build A Brand & Create A Culture

Alpha Media Group has a toolbox of digital products from to brand your business and scale to the next level.
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Website Client Testimonial

Naomi Hirst

"Do you want to attract your ideal clients through LinkedIn? Then, Chad from Alpha Media Group is the person to contact! Their Copywriting skill is just phenomenal, making prospects glued to the text (and laugh, quite often!). Their creativity and dedication are next to none, creating instant results! They are great listeners. Alpha Media Group will understand your needs and turn them into an effective copy. I strongly recommend them if you want to boost your business."

Develop An Unfair Advantage In Your Market

Alpha Media Group design, tech, and administrative team design your business's strategic branding and marketing plans. Each monthly marketing strategy is custom-designed to suit the measurable growth and goals of your business.
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Website Client Testimonial

Christina Zibiri

"If you need clarity and direction to attract your dream client on LinkedIn, I highly recommend Chad! I booked a call with him, and in less than an hour, I was given so much value and clarity on my niche and the type of influencer I want to attract. He is a true professional and very friendly; if you are ready to take your LinkedIn Profile from 0 to 100, no need to look any further! Chad is more than capable of getting you the results you need."

Alpha Media Group

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Website Client Testimonial

Rob Griffin

"Jeff Glass is a bold, visionary thinker who can mentor, lead, and build new ventures, unlike any individual I have had the pleasure to work with within business. His ability to nurture an idea into a profitable, successful business is matched only by his ability to inspire those around him to achieve their best. From young students to successful entrepreneurs, to experienced executives, to government leaders, anyone who has worked with Jeff Glass hopes to work with him."

Convert Your Web Traffic to Customers

Our artificial intelligence sales funnel technology brings traffic to create conversions for your business.
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