Alpha Media Group Tips For Blogging

When writing blogs, it is recommended following what is called the 4E Format when framing/creating an outline:


Educational- teach or re-affirm something of value to the audience. It does not need to be novel or groundbreaking, just helpful.


Entertaining – comedy works. Keep it fun, light. This approach will help keep the attention of the audience. For example, using satire in writing engages the reader.


Edgy – color outside the norm, and don’t be afraid to break social paradigms. Success favors the bold and often socially unpopular. The writer does not always have to agree with everyone when writing a blog. On the contrary, it’s likely with good work, some will not, and some will. Being polarizing is often part of being a writer.


Engaging- challenge the audience to think, act and step out of their comfort zone. Keep it professional, but leave the audience with something to consider after reading the blog. Storytelling and utilizing characters help for this process.


Let’s hope those tips help—this blog on junk removal is inspired by a brilliant and inspirational artist and entrepreneur, Hunter Biden. Let’s crack it open and see if some of these format points apply.

Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers. Then we know who owns them.

– R.Williams

As a youth, in a momentary lapse of reason, trapped in my deception, a critical move was made that would set a path for the future. And it is time to come clean. As a young man, the plight of being “dazed and confused” all started when the misguided decision was made to go to college.


And, let it be known, if the consistent time invested in debauchery highlighted by excessive attendance to parties was the equivalent of a degree, well, one might say it would be considered a double major.



A mentor taught me, one of the essential tools one can have is a laptop. For the amount of meaningless “work” a writer will get from consulting, a smartphone does not have enough storage space to accommodate all of the useless information needed to repackage and sell it later.


Please don’t waste hard-earned money buying new products from other countries that don’t bring much value to the U.S. economy. When someone has something that works regardless of the condition, don’t just throw it away. This is America, and American citizens preserve what matters most.


So, if someone plans to repair or recycle their laptop, they will want to consider the following:


Protect Personal Information


Have a separate hard drive for personal family photos and other essential documents. This will help the laptop’s life, mitigate the amount of used memory, and keep private affairs separate from business.


Find a Trusted Repair Shop


If the laptop needs repair and is in need of a professional to fix it, hire someone that is trusted. One’s business is their private intellectual property, so have signed non-disclosure agreements, especially if privileged information will be shared with a repair shop technician. The wrong repair company could share information with competitors.


Be Conscientious of Others


While entrepreneurs work for themselves, some entrepreneurs are not in business by themselves. They often have partners, investors, and other constituents that have a vested interest in their company. Before taking a laptop in for repair, it is best to notify them before taking a laptop in for repair since they might have personal or business information they do not want to share with an outside source.


Stay on Schedule


Time is Money. When repairs are complete, it is advised to pick up the laptop so work can continue efficiently. A tool “left in the shed” is not producing for a business.




If the laptop has reached the end of its rope, recycle and make some side money. Take precautions. Destroy the hard drive before recycling to protect against the breach of any personal or business information.


Hire a Junk Removal Company


Junk Removers, located throughout the United States, are experienced and resourceful with unwanted and broken products. They can often guide someone in the right steps to handle the hard drive, recycling, and disposal of a laptop.


And, for the most simple, old-fashioned solution, take a hammer and destroy the laptop and don’t trust a politician when it comes to business advice.

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