How To Remove a Cubicle Partition From An Office

A cubicle partition is a commonly used structure in offices to separate employees and managers to achieve high productivity levels. These partitions make it possible for every office employee to have their own private working space to focus and get work done more efficiently. But if you are moving office spaces, these partitions can be hard to take down and haul out. If you’re an office manager, you should consider working with a junk removal company to carry out this task so you can avoid any possible problems.

Here are some things to keep in mind while removing office cubicle partitions:

1. Assessment

The first thing to consider while removing office cubicle partitions is evaluating the construction type and how many panels are involved to make sure the partitions can’t damage anything while being removed. It is also necessary to ensure that all cords, wires, and plugs are properly disconnected as well. An office cubicle uses rods, screws, springs, and other accessories when they are put together, so evaluating them will help the process move along smoothly.

2. Removing Built-In Features

Some office cubicles have attached desks or shelving, and those should be disassembled and removed before taking the partitions down. Offices should consider removing the desk by going under it with tools and unscrewing the panels before taking the partition down.

3. Begin With The Exterior Panels

An office cubicle will usually have a middle desk that holds the sides together, so it is essential to know the connection of outer panels in detail to remove screws, springs, latches, or other accessories before taking apart any other piece. If you unscrew the exterior panels first and then move towards the middle panel, the rest will come much easier.

4. Removing Panels From Connector Rail

Some office cubicles come with a connector rail attachment on the floor, and offices should consider removing this piece next. It is wise to use a wrench to loosen the panels to take everything apart correctly. If there is no bolt then, you can pry the panel with a screwdriver.

5. Working With A Professional Company

Offices needing to remove their cubicles should consider working with a professional junk removal company. Junk removal company teams are professionally trained in removing large items like office cubicles without causing any damage. G.I. Junk Away is a professional junk removal company that serves Fallbrook, CA and surrounding areas. To learn more about our services, call

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