How To Remove An Old Mattress

Dumping an old mattress is a daunting task. It is big, takes up extra space, and most importantly, affects your place’s overall appearance. Many homeowners struggle with this task when it comes to removal in an effective and eco-friendly way. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Give Away Your Old Mattress To The Manufacturer

Many mattress retailers take up the task of dumping old mattresses by themselves. This way, they improve their brand image by staying eco-friendly. It is the easiest, safest, and convenient way to get rid of your old mattress. Many retailers provide dumping services for free. Also, they give you a nice discount if you give them an old mattress while buying a new one. Just make sure that the old mattress is from the same company. Terms and conditions still apply in replacement cases.

2. Sell Your Mattress

Another way of removing your old mattress is by selling it. Until or unless the mattress is in usable condition with no bugs or springs coming out, you can sell it. Also, make sure there are no obvious worn-out signs because who would want to buy something in bad condition. Keep in mind that some states don’t allow the sale of old mattresses.

Tip: Wash your old mattress with the help of professionals before selling it. It will increase the overall worth of a pre-slept-on piece.

3. Donate Your Mattress

Now, if your mattress manufacturers are not currently offering any replacement deals, neither are you being successful in selling it. Then, the third option is to donate it. It is another safe way to get rid of a mattress that is of no use to you.

Make sure the mattress is clean and still usable for a few years.

4. Dump The Mattress At Your Local Recyclers

If your mattress is worn out with springs coming undone, give it to the recyclers. Now there are two ways to transport your old mattress to the recyclers;

One is by driving it to the recycling company in your car. This mainly depends upon the type and the size of the mattress or how far the recycling company is. Remember that it’ll be easier to drive your memory foam mattress than a traditional pocket sprung mattress.

The other less daunting way to remove your old mattress is by driving it to the recyclers with junk collectors’ help. It’ll take up less of your time and energy. Just pay a reasonable amount to the junk removal services, and leave the rest to them.

5. Cut The Mattress Into Pieces

There is still another way to remove your old mattress. If you live far away from the recyclers and there’s no way, then cut the mattress yourself into pieces and dump it into your local trash can. It’ll be a much more excellent way as compared to folding it and throwing it away.

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