Why You Should Clean Your House

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No one ever wakes up in the morning excited to clean their home. House cleaning is full of mundane tasks that you do over and over week after week. What is there to get excited about? Organizing and ridding your closets of old unused items is tedious. Cleaning the toilets is for sure not the best part of your day.

But a clean and organized home is good for you. Science proves it. A study conducted by NiCole R. Keith Ph.D., a professor at Indiana State University, found that people who had clean homes were healthier than people with messy homes.

A clean home doesn’t just affect your physical health, it is also important to your mental health. Another study published in 2010 used linguistic studies to measure the way 60 participants talked about their home. They concluded that women who described their home as cluttered or said there were a lot of unfinished projects lying about, were more likely to be tired and depressed than the women who described their home as spacious or restful. The women with cluttered homes also had a higher level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Here in the States we have been battling COVID-19 since the end of January. The pandemic has seeped into each of our lives and disrupted the entire world. If you have been thinking about overhauling your home and clearing away all your dust-collecting knick-knacks and old clothes, now is the perfect time to do it. Viruses and bacteria love to live in damp, dust-filled areas. Getting rid of some of the excess junk could keep you healthier to fight off the coronavirus should it arrive unwelcome on your doorstep.

Getting Started is Half The Battle

Look around you. What do you see? How many of those things that come into view do you actually need or, really, really, want? The pile of markers sitting atop the bin that holds all the scrapbooking paper (because you were going make a baby book) are dried out now. Maybe you have a collection of trinkets or a pile of books sitting on the floor against the bedroom wall that you have intended to read, for 3 years now.

All of these things take up space that could be better used for the stuff you actually need. Besides, do you know what is alive back there behind that pile of books on the floor? I shudder to think.

You just have to jump in with both feet. Seriously, go all in. It can be hard to get rid of clutter especially when we have an emotional attachment to an object so be ready for that. Have you used it or even looked at it in the last year? Maybe you even completely forgot about it until you came across it on accident. Try taking a picture of it for memory sake and put it in the donation pile.

Maybe you have forgotten what it feels like to come home at the end of the day to a clean, organized home. Set aside some time to clean up. If you can’t do it all in a day, pick one room. When you walk into that room notice how your mood lifts just a little and your breathe a sigh of satisfaction.

What Do You Do With All That Junk?

The easiest part of your clean-up will be getting rid of the pile of junk you set aside. There are many junk hauling companies in every state. Rainier Junk Removal is here in Puyallup, WA is one of the best. We aren’t just biased, it’s what our customers tell us.

We provide high-quality, friendly service and we get the job done right. Maybe it’s your office that needs a good “de-clutter.” We handle that too. We will take any non-hazardous item and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner.

Remember that object you were having a hard time parting with (even though you had absolutely no use for it?) If it is in good condition, we will donate it for you. We avoid dumping any recyclable or usable items into the landfill.

We have taken some safety precautions during this pandemic and offer no contact pick up service. Leave your items where we can get to them and we’ll take care of the rest without contact.

Since you are home anyway, maybe take a day or two and give yourself the gift of a clean, organized, and clutter-free home. You’ll be glad you did.

For all your junk removal needs call us at (253) 499-5750 or visit our full website at http://rainierjunkremoval.com/

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