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rainier junk removal

Why Some Property Owners Prefer Dumpster Rentals Over Junk Removal

Removing junk is a challenging job and the majority of property owners prefer working with a company who offers the best services. On the other hand, some of them prefer to rent dumpsters instead of hiring a junk removal service. This is because they think that a dumpster is the best option when compared to…

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get my junk

What Items Can’t Be Thrown Away In The Garbage?

Managing waste can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what can and cannot be thrown away. On the other hand, there are several people who throw away waste products in the garbage that can cause several problems. This is because hazardous elements can affect the environment significantly, and one should know what type…

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left loast houling

Find the Right Junk Removal Service Near You

To stay healthy it’s important to keep your environment clean.  It is often necessary to remove unwanted materials regularly. Many property owners have a difficult time removing the unused items they have stored away and therefore create a very cluttered situation. When it’s time to clear all that junk out, they have no idea how…

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scrap monkey

Hire A Junk Hauling Service When You Remodel

Daunting or Delightful? Do you have visions of new flooring but the thought of ripping out old tile flooring has stopped you in your tracks?  Have you started a project only to realize you feel like you have just opened a proverbial can of worms and don’t want to continue?  Never fear, Scrap Monkey is…

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Need Light Demolition Services?

Picture this: You have just moved into your new house, which with your vision and hard work, will be the house of your dreams.  But there’s one little problem, the counters and flooring, and even some of the walls do not quite meet your “dream home” ideals. Enter, Light Demolition.  You love the house, but…

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junk removal demolition

Demolition Work With Rios Junk Removal

Have you ever bought something, maybe a new bed or a swing-set, that said “some assembly required”? You think, “how hard can it be?” Once home you lug the box into the room, open it up and spend the next 2 hours trying to assemble it. Then you spend another 4 hours reassembling it only…

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