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How Junk Hauling Services Help Property Managers

Have you ever wondered whose job it is to take care of the 200 apartments in the building down the street? The now-empty house on the corner used to be occupied by an eccentric group of people, they’ve moved on but they left most of their junk behind. Who is going to clean that place…

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odds & ends junk removal

The Man Behind The Junk

Anyone with an idea can start their own business. Some people start many businesses. But only the ones willing to take a risk, put in the work, and take a leap of faith are successful. Today Paul Lindahl, owner of Odds & Ends Junk Removal, runs a successful junk hauling business. He services clients in…

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Prevent Water Damage During Rainy Season

Water can enter your house from almost anywhere or it can already be inside your house in the pipes that run to your sink and toilet. It doesn’t matter the source, what is important is the damage it causes. Water inside the house can be damaging and expensive. It can rot, rust, erode, and mold…

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How To Perform Hoarding Cleaning Services Safely?

Hoarding is a disorder that occurs in some people who save worthless items in large volume that can lead to various problems. It is really difficult to clean the hoarding items because the process requires special attention. Cleaning up the home of a hoarder is not an easy task due to several challenges. Anyone who…

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Save Money on Worker’s Compensation

If you are a California Contractor and have at least one employee besides yourself, by law you have to carry workers compensation insurance. In today’s tough business environment, saving every penny and avoiding unnecessary costs can determine whether or not your doors stay open. Below are the best ways to save money on your Workers…

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Light Hauling and Demolition

Have you been thinking about remodeling? Maybe knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining room? Maybe the bathroom cabinets are worn and dried out from years of living through endless teenage showers and it would be nice to install new ones? Oh man, what a mess! There are many reasons why residential or…

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