Other People’s Pronouns

“Day after day I’m more confused.”

Dobie Gray, Drift Away

Due to recent, renowned wisdom bestowed upon us by Congress, one of our time’s great musical artists, Uncle Kracker, will now be known simply as Kracker. This may come as a shock to some of you, but we must abhor all semantic social injustices and degradation of diction that permeates us misguided Americans from our mouths and minds. It matters not that the Speaker of the House is the aunt of the Governor of California. This title and connection will remain. Equality can be confusing for those of us without much education in liberal studies. Simply, they are in a different socioeconomic class, and any behaviors that run contrary to their words are easily cleaned up with a glass of wine and a placating apology, or in extreme cases, when the truth is an imminent threat to congressional infallibility, accusations of entrapment will be applied. Make no mistake of our subjective, inferior place in society; a potential felony, criminal offense may apply to us if we slip up and use the wrong pronoun or improper noun implying a logical gender. Rest assured, this would be the Father of all social crimes. While muddled and never coherent in any way, the differences are not important for us small-minded people to understand. It’s easier to do what we are told and not ask any questions that may lead to irresponsible independent thinking. Our last stimulus package clearly illustrates that comprehension is no longer a burden of our citizenship.

While we are attending our next favorite Kracker concert, aka Zoom chat, might I remind you that this name is no longer a derogatory term once used to insult poor white people from Georgia and Florida. Their privilege cancels out any need for human empathy; often, hate is an optional compensation to reset the sense of equality. Our connections through our heritage and ancestors are about as irrelevant as our civil liberties and individuality.

The great Catholic Nun once said it best. . .

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~Person Teresa

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